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  • Well it is definitely a bit slack. I measured it to 71°
    The internal cup did stick out a bit. We will see how it rides. I have spent any money on it yet. All parts bin stuff

  • Well sure, in that case I would try it out too.

    When I get a new forks I am going to need a new 1.5" lower cup and was thinking of doing the same thing.

  • I don't think it will be a big problem with handling but I am expecting to finish this tomorrow or Tuesday so I'll let you know

  • @Josh I just measured the angle properly.

    I get a fairly steep seattube at 73.5° and a headtube at 71.5° so my guess is that angles haven't changed much. I expect the angles were 74/72 originally.

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  • Oh that's pleasant news, hope it rides well for you!

    Full pics?

  • Colour doesn't look right in my workshop lighting so I'll bring outside when the bar tape has been put on.

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  • Just had a poodle around town on this. Seriously stiff and fun bike. Sooo swoosh.

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  • Proper side on pic pls

  • There's is absolutely no light these days :(

  • Hope purple is really nice.

  • 10/10 for the bike.
    2/10 for photo.

  • I thought it was a cute tease.

    I'll do it properly sorry

  • Colour doesn't come out true so here is another mistery/misery image

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  • My friend Sam took some decent photos. Albeit of another bike.

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  • More

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  • Bike looks great, & that bar tape is jazzay! What is it?

  • Bontrager tape, also do spotty, well comfy but wears off quick :(

  • Thank you. Bontrager gel cork Zig Zag something.

  • How come Sam can get good light, but you can't?

    Be more like Sam.

  • Well Sam does this full time. And he doesn't have a four month old daughter :)

  • I am back in the game after a couple of weeks of tidying up my workshop.
    The cargo bike is nearing completion. A couple more hours of sanding and some braze ons left.

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  • Wishbones never get old.

    Didn't you make a cargo bike already (with cable steering IIRC)?

  • I have made several actually. It's sort of my thing :)
    The wire one I made with Sam from Stayer needs modifications. We have some ideas for how to fix this but Sam is really busy with framebuilding. Which is nice for him of course.
    This one I am working on currently is my first proper fillet brazed frame which I did for my master thesis in architecture school. It has been stored away since I moved to the UK.

  • proper fillet brazed frame which I did for my master thesis in architecture school.

    Damn, why can't I do something cool like this for my master thesis? :/
    Really liking the wishbone

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Hulsroy's Hustle

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