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  • Get the rust off you mean?

    The industrial powdercoat company I have used before should have a bead blasting cabinet big enough for this, but the above mentioned cross frame is currently being painted at a friend's wife's dad's company. They specialise in painting trucks/lorries so I am not expecting much, but I am hoping it is better than the powder coaters because they do not give a shit. They are cheap but handle everything rough.

  • Liking these unusual color choices. I love the sheer elegance of black, but it's refreshing to see something different.

  • Thanks.

    I do like black bikes as well.
    I generally like earth tones for bikes as I feel they suit both black and silver components

  • I think yellow works pretty well for both black and silver too.
    Every once in a while I build my imaginary Bullit on yellow on the LarryVsHarry website.

  • Carl's Marin is more or less done. Needs some test riding and fine tuning and then fresh bar tape and mudguards.

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  • The little bits

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  • This is the thread I hover in to regret my disk brake conversion. Very cool bike. Grateful it's not a hybrid.

  • A proper functional steed. That Ritchey headset looks crazy good on this.

  • It's not at all a serious regret - I love my new wheels & huge tyres, but there's something satisfying about rim brakes and doing what you can with 30-40mm tyres

  • As I feared the paint job is shit. Droopy shit. The good thing is that it was free and that they will do my cargo bike for free as well. I have happened to have chosen the company's signature colour so they love me now ;)

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  • .

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  • Plan is to build the above into a 1x10 using SRAM Apex levers where I'll remove one paddle and try to make the other one less white.
    I am going to use a mid range Apex or Rival rear mech which I hope I can convince to eat a 11-34T cassette and work with my 44T Race Face narrow wide.

    Brakes will be TRP CX8.4 to begin with.

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  • I was tempted to build the above into a lightweight tracklocross thing with silver Nitto riser bars and this Eno hub. But hub needs servicing and wheels need building before that is a possibility.

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  • I have done quite a few 26er mods by now. Yesterday was one for @JesperXT. Lovely Lavadome which needed some seatpost removal, reaming and disc tab added.

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  • Seems like Trek have subbed here, too

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  • Process

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  • Process 2

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  • It's a remake of the logotype they used in the 80ies or thereabouts.
    Undoubtedly this thread animated them to start using it again though.

  • @JesperXT has the best of friends!

  • @JesperXT is the best friend


  • You think that Hope headset will change the geo much? As it was designed for a internal lower bearing cup?

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Hulsroy's Hustle

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