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  • How long’s the top tube?

  • If you're planning on selling as a Hulsroy special®, I might be interested if it fits me. :)

  • 570-580 ish

  • I'll let you know but there is no real motivation for making something I can't ride myself. Then I am better off making bike for people from scratch

  • The cargo bike BB shell is toast. I bought new taps to try and chase the threads but they are the wrong ID for my tool. I am never going to be able to fix it by cutting threads so instead I have bought an adjustable reamer and I will ream out the threads, tap for ITA threads and silver braze in this ITA to BSA adapter.

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  • Sounds like a good fix. How did it get toasted?

  • It has deformed from the intense heat from TIG welding of the yokes.
    I was being a rookie by not using a heat sink. I thought it would be alright as the rest of the frame was welded up.

  • Just to be sure, ITA threads don't have counter-clockwise threads on 1 side right? BSA does.

  • Yes.
    But I am not too worried about that as I will be fixing everything in place with silver

  • Not bike related. But sanity related and therefore important for getting back to welding bikes.

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  • Ooh, that is pleasing, at least to my slightly ocd head.

  • Is there a thread for sorting porn?

  • Maybe this is more Functional Sorting, not sorting porn, not anti sorting.

  • Progress. I bought a giant reamer and am now tapping the BB shell to ITA threads and will the silver solder in ITA to BSA threads adapters

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  • It works.

    I just need to add silver and heat

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  • Also. My tune cranks cracked so I updated the whole thing.

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  • Nice fix! How easy was it to re-thread to ITA? You have to remove quote a lot of material, don’t you?

  • Reaming was surprisingly easy. My ITA tap is from 1970 and blunt as fuck. So that bit could have been easier

  • Welcome to the bounce house

  • .

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  • Cargo bike BB shell sorted

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  • Rad!
    What paint are you planning?

  • How would you go about cleaning a surface like this before painting?

  • Ta. Fucking happy it is no back on track. Expensive mistake but nice to know I can fix that sort of stuff.

    Paint I was going for RAL 1027 Curry Yellow. I am having a cross bike painted this colour right now and if that comes out dope I might go for the same and do a rack for towing the cross bike after the cargo bike.

    After seeing Sam from Stayer's foldable MTB this weekend I have also got an itch to paint something brown. Maybe matte brown

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Hulsroy's Hustle

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