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  • Cheers

    And cheers to @Hulsroy for letting me have a bit of freedom with this and make something really nice.

  • That's hot, nice work on the decals

  • Ready for Epping!

    I need to trim the steerer but otherwise it is done for test riding.
    I will chuck on CK headset I think and different wheels eventually.
    The paint will be a soft fade from kiselgrau to Moosgrau!

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  • This

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  • Looks like the name for an Ikea toilet brush now

    I read it as Moose Grate.

  • Good choice on the fork.

  • HELL YES! That looks like A LOT of fun!

  • Thanks man. Can't wait to try it out Wednesday after work.

  • Looks so sick

  • ooh, i've been thinking of painting a bike this kind of green

    think i might go with RAL 7009

  • So good. Please don't leave

  • Leaving won't affect framebuilding. Parenting will...

    And thanks. I am pretty pleased with the frame so far, but obviously ridding it off road will determine whether it deserves paint or not

  • Looking good as always and i'm loving the anodized bits. Aren't you tempted to get a suspension fork though? Rolling over roots and shooting through rock gardens is fun. It's addictive actually.

  • Yes I am but these forks cost me hardly anything and I can't justify spending £300 on bounce right now.

  • Rolling over roots and shooting through rock gardens is fun. It's addictive actually.

    You know they had roots and rock gardens before there even were suspension forks right?

  • let me know about the SIDs. can do you a deal or swap something if need be.

  • I'm sure you'll figure something out sooner or later for less money. Hope you have fun on Wednesday!

    @M_V Bikes also used to have iron shod wheels and no drivetrain. What's your point?

    I've got a rigid Klein Attitude Comp, a Litespeed Obed with White Brothers sc70 forks (80mm travel) and a full sus Evil the Calling with a RC3 Debonair shock and Pike RCT3 forks (140mm Travel). I've done the same trails on all three and the difference between them is night and day. Suspension is forgiving and inspires confidence and you just end up going faster, way faster.

  • The subtleties of conversation failing to come across in type I think.

    Your post read to me as if you were saying such terrain couldn’t be tackled without sus.

    I only mean to give a tongue in cheek challenge to this.

  • Agreed. I vote rigid, it’s cool.

  • I like rigid but mainly because its (usually) cheaper and maintenance free. Most of my MTBs will spend the majority of their lives on the street anyway. The odd dabble off road is ok on rigid. I'd get it if I had a dedicated off road bike though.

  • such terrain couldn’t be tackled without sus

    Of course it can, all I meant is that I find suspension forks to be more fun. Simple, nothing more & nothing less. To each their own and at the end of the day it's all about having fun. Some people even ride trails on unicycles and all the power to them (but that's just weird though).

  • Not a @Hulsroy project, but definitely an inspired by one.

    After seeing the ideas for the logos I got in touch with @Manson7am about some logos for my old genesis equilibrium frameset that needed a facelift.

    Here are the results and some photos from his Instagram showing the process.

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  • Super nice dude. Saw the frame in the flesh the other day...

  • That looks great!

  • I am thinking of going VMB on my road bike.
    Is DA7800 brake calipers exactly same reach as 5800 caliper? I will have to modify the rear caliper a tad as reach needs to be 50mm instead of 49

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Hulsroy's Hustle

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