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  • In other news. I am treating myself to a new MTB.
    And found some time to start mitrering tubes today.

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  • That’s the Konga yoke? Did you bend the (what I assume is the) seat tube yourself?

  • @Konga yoke yes and seat tube is a custom 600mm length R800 from Columbus. Sam at Stayer had 10 made at some point as the normal 550mm was a bit short for some applications including his ChigZag cross frame in larger sizes.
    I got one off that batch.

  • Noice. Geo?

  • Plan is to build a frame for rigid 480mm carbon forks with 45mm rake and a bb height of 300mm ish with 68 degree headtube. And then add a bouncy fork at some point which will slacken everything appropriately. How does that sound?

  • Sounds good to me!

  • I am not sure what I am doing. Reach seems long to me.

    505 is a 100mm travel for with 46mm offset and 527 is 120mm 51mm offset

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  • Seems pretty reasonable for your proportions. If anything it's short by modern tastes. BB drop looks decent too, again you could easily go lower if you wanted.

  • Cool thanks. What I ideal BB height for a hard tail 29er?

  • Depends how much you value crank clearance. 300mm at sag is pushing the limits. 310-315 might be my preference. Wouldn't go above 340.

  • It is very unlikely I will be doing rock gardens etc. I think I'll do BB height at 300-310mm with 480 rigid forks. That must be alright for my riding

  • Rad. Get it done by April 6th yeah? ;)

  • I do my best

  • Decisions are being made.

    5/8" wish bone

    Top bit nicked from shit forks

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  • Slight taper from the blade looks good

  • Nice, stoked see you getting the mtb going!

    But is that gonna clear a 2.8" 27.5 tire?..

  • No. 650b is dead.
    29" x 2.4"

    The yoke is designed for 3" but really don't see myself run that big

  • The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing people that plus tyres were a good idea

  • Yeah 3" is slighly overkill. I think I'll use mine with 2.8 tyres for a sweet spot.

  • Mads, Tom, yall are missing out. Big time ;)

    Chris, my man.

    2.8 front and 2.6 back, its a world of difference (at least on a rigid). Mostly coming from the 45mm rim tho.

  • Well I have that option (if I buy new tyres). But I think this will be done in time for summer in Denmark and where I am thinking of using the bike 2.2" speed kings should be grand

  • The seat tube looks kinda slack compared to the front end. Even if you don't want to go new skool most bikes seem to be around 73 with the suspension forks. But you can prob ignore me #armchairbikefit

  • Ok fair enough. I went for 73° with rigid forks, it should be alright with 75° rigid to make it 73° with Sus forks

  • I guessed so. But think it might be best to start with the slackest angle you want to have - easier to move yourself back with a layback post if its too steep with rigid forks than to move yourself forward if it's too slack

  • True. I'll amend the drawings. Thanks

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Hulsroy's Hustle

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