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  • what bars are those?

  • Caught up with the last week of activities here. Great work as always.

  • Ergotec/Humpert Lady Town

  • I finally got around to mounting my rear dynamo. I should have done it ages ago but I never really had an idea for how to do it neatly. But getting my rear light nicked progressed things.

    I cut a bit of rubber sheet to fit the light and mounted it using double sided tape. Then took out the seat post and rolled on two o-rings to hold the light. The cord runs along the top tube outer.

    I also received my fancy spacers. When I get a bit more time I'll mount some 28c G-One Pros and maybe flared bars.

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  • Is that a rack mount light just with the mounting tabs under the o rings?

    I’d be worried someone might think it looked like a normal light and attempt to nick it and just snap/pull out the wire in their stupidity.

  • Yeah. I should have bought the other light. But I have had this for a year so too late to return.
    I rarely park my bikes outside. I think the other light got nicked because forgot it outside where I lock my bike up at work.

  • I am picking up my frame from Mario Vaz later. I am super excited to see the colour. I left it a bit up to him. Getting out of the comfort zone get's me excited. A bit like bid wars on eBay.

    So to continue the "rush feeling of letting go" I have started a conversation with @Manson7am
    (his work looks mega dope) about some gold leaf hand lettering. I have started sketching stuff and found some references, but more inspiration is welcome.

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  • Embedded photos don't work for me, but attachment does

  • Sorry. Fixed now.
    Yellow represents gold leaf. I'll do some photoshop sketches later when I have the frame.

  • First impressions are WOW

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  • Nice, looks like JLR Coris Grey :)

  • What's the threaded poker?

  • The second font down gets my vote.

  • Pump maybe?

  • Yeah it's a HPX pump.

  • Nice colour!!

    I like the 3d effect on the maroon frame best. The diagonal effect obstructs the horizontal lines too much imo

  • 1 2 testing

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  • Gold text, black shadow works best, imo.

  • This. No doubt.
    But I feel you could play a little more with the font itself. Maybe make it a bit skinnier, add a curve here and there like the R in trek.

  • less condensed

  • Gold text, black shadow works best, imo.


    More inspiration;

  • Decals are usually a little higher up the down tube right?

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Hulsroy's Hustle

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