Free. Floor fan SOLD

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  • Free.
    Floor fan for shifting air around.

    Ideal for turbo training/rollers/ pretending you're in a storm.

    It's not subtle and isnt quiet enough to use at night I guess.

    Collection se26

  • Any chance of a picture, ta!

  • Sorry!

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  • I like the look of that. Sending a PM!

  • 2nd dibs if not gone please

  • Is this sold?

  • But more importantly, has anyone bothered to invent a turbo that powers a fan yet?

  • Ah. Looks shit.

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  • It did I'm afraid.

  • Thank you for responding, @Chalfie

    I'll have to continue my search for the pain cave.

  • Why anyone would want to fan their floor is beyond me, but perhaps people in the Chalfie household are generally quite small.


Free. Floor fan SOLD

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