Gonna make a pimpin carbon disc wheel from scratch

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  • Hmm, hadn’t considered those. It’d be a sort of fat 1x version of one of them with risers and mushroom grips

  • Uh oh, another pair of skins went in the claves last night. 700c in Russian pattern. M46J fibre 2x2 in tough resin. This is the last one - I promise...

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  • 🔥🔥🔥

  • This is the last one - I promise...

    Keep going! This is the best thread since the papermache aero helmet.

  • You can't say that and not include a link...

  • My god, brilliant. That's my train reading sorted. Fortunately I feel @Jonny69 is bringing more professional skillz to the table, which is probably a good thing for safety's sake...

  • Wow, was that really 5 years ago?

  • Quite pleased with how these have come out. I don’t think I’m going to have time to bond them to a core before I leave, sadly. Might have to be a job for the future.

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  • I laminated these on thick PTFE, so it has this satin finish rather than gloss like the others have which were laminated on glass. If I wanted gloss, I could technically knock it back with fine wet and dry and polish it back up.

  • How many disc wheels are you building? Or is it still for the first one? Lol I lost count :P

  • Just the two, lol. The 20” is built up as a whole wheel ready to chuck on a 1x9 folder with thumbies and risers, then later on it can go on my little boy’s first bike. It’s built tough so it’ll be fine with kids kicking the **** out of it.

    The 700c is going to have to wait a bit because I won’t get time to finish it before I leave RBR. I just wanted to get the skins made because I won’t have an autoclave at my new work, but I will have composites prep facilities. Skins weigh 220g each, hub weighs 260g, foam core probably ~150g, see if I can get away with using around 100g adhesive and we could be in for a sub 1kg disc which is probably stiffer than most discs you can buy.

    The maddest thing here is it’s over engineered in my mind, mostly to make it workable. It only needs a single layer of this carbon to make it strong and stiff enough but I put a second ply on the back to make it easier to work with - so each ply is around 100g overweight. If I used film adhesive for bonding them on, I’d probably use ~25g of glue film instead of 100-120g of epoxy. If I’d had a bit more time, I could have just cured the skins directly on the foam core and not needed any adhesive at all. That would be a 650g wheel with a crappy heavy aluminium hub glued into it. Just needs a bit more carbon and some bits nicked out a Chinese Ti hub...

  • Forgive me, but, much like Lightweight seemed to do, why are you not using these skills to fleece MAMILs for all they're worth and retiring to somewhere nice?

  • Thats very interesting even though i realize i probably don't have a clue what you're talking about. Aren't you gonna use an alloy rim this time to accommodate the tire?

  • You work in a lab right? I'm guessing just like in a lab the machinery is massively expensive, and whilst little personal projects like this might be tolerated, commercialising it would probably be very frowned upon, and there's the potential for court cases and so on once you start selling things...

  • Well, none of my lab activities really have an obvious commercial application, no matter how expensive the microscopes and autoclaves are, and the money to purchase those things comes with specific aims and stipulations.

    But if you're employed by a commercial composites company, and can convince them that there's money to be had with a side project that no-one's yet exploited, or pitch to some investors that you can produce a superior product, that's a completely different kettle of fish, innit. The guys behind Carbonsports/Lightweight were aerospace engineers.

  • Well, none of my lab activities really have an obvious commercial application

    You're still making meth for me though, right?

  • I agree in a sense - I had written an extra paragraph in my comment about how you could pitch this to a bunch of investors (or Kickstarter...) with this wheel effectively being a proof-of-concept, but decided I was being too fanciful for the moment.

    I bet there's some clause in his contract that says "IP belongs to us" etc. and this thread probably would be evidence in the company's favour though so he'd be sued out his arse the instant he made any money. Include me in the screenshot, future lawyers.

  • The ammonia explosions are getting harder to explain

  • There isn’t enough capacity at Red Bull to do commercial projects as well. There’s the Aston Martin Valkyrie project, but they run completely independently from us in a different facility and our only input is if they come unstuck on something. The claves here run 24/7 making parts for the F1 cars and there’s no additional capacity to make other things. The laminators also work round the clock only on car parts. I get away with it because I work in R&D and my stuff goes through unquestioned, but I’d never do it if I thought it might compromise parts making it through to the car which could lose us a race. I managed to pair these up with some car parts sharing the same cure so everything went in together - otherwise I’d have taken up a clave for around 5 hours.

  • Looking forward to seeing your wheels on the race car at the next GP.

  • How's this going?

  • Ridic background boast post porn.

    Fine work!

  • Thread title confirmed, that is certified pimpin

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Gonna make a pimpin carbon disc wheel from scratch

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