Cinelli Mash Parallax Cyanotype 2016

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  • I just bought Cinelli Mash Parallax Cyanotype (2016) frame and want build new bike for fun rides (I have beater for commuting).
    Here is my shopping list:
    Cinelli Mash Parallax Cyanotype (2016) - HAVE

    Miche X-Press Road (black: 700C) - HAVE

    Tyres and tubes
    Continental Super Sport Plus 28-622 Wire - HAVE
    Continental Tube Race 28 Wide S42 - HAVE

    Truvativ Omnium (black; 175mm; 48T) - HAVE

    Bottom bracket
    Sram GXP - HAVE

    CrankBrothers Eggbeater 2 (black)
    CrankBrothers Eggbeater 3 (black)


    Izumi Standard (black)
    KMC K710 (silver)

    Selcof KP51 (black; 120mm; 1 1/8"; 31,8mm) - HAVE

    Bar Tape
    ??? (white)

    3T 4GXL (black; 31,8mm; 420mm) - HAVE

    Columbus Compass 1-1/2” - HAVE

    Headset Cap
    Cinelli (black) - HAVE

    Front Brake
    SRAM Apex Caliper (white) - HAVE

    Brake Lever
    ??? (black)

    San Marco Concor Start Up Saddle (white)

    Cinelli Pillar (black; 27,2mm) - HAVE

    Seatpost Clamp
    Cinelli (black) - HAVE

    Do I miss something?
    Comments and recommendations are welcome :)

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  • Do I miss something?

    A rear brake.


  • If you opt for omniums, which is a better chainset, it'll come with a BB

  • Gumwalls, don't put white anything on it, don't put cinelli anything on it, don't put a concor/turbo/old shape saddle on a new bike, just get egg beaters over candy

  • And don't get the miche cranks

  • Go for what makes you happy, build up your bike according to your personal preferences. Fuck everything else

  • Rubbish advice. Do exactly as we say

  • Yes of course, conform. Bow down to the peer pressure of strangers over the internet and get ready for an imaginary pat on the back when you've successfully built up your ride as to their wishes/commands. Everyone wins!

  • Or be more like that fluffy little punk-rock kitty

  • Don't you have a mash and a gangsta? They're literally the epitome tumblr fixies

  • I've got a few bikes and built them all up as per how I saw fit. If it's your ride, it should make you happy, no? Personal preferences, right?

  • What's a fixie?

  • Completely dude, and I fucking love most of your builds. I'm just saying, frames like the mash are bought because they're trendy. So you must care what people think.

  • I think its what fixed gears and track bikes are called on tumblr/reddit. But thats just what someone told me.

  • Get some silver box section rims, that'll make it unique and you don't have ugly brake marks on your wheels if you're really planning to use it with a freewheel.

  • I care about what I think. And about what you think. Not so much about what the rest of the world thinks :) If there was some subliminal mind fuckitry noise playing in the background at the time I got it, I can't be sure (but quite possibly). That was 5 years ago & my current self neither can or will be held responsible for that. I plead the fif.

  • Trendy or not I bought that frame because I liked it.
    I made this topic to ask for advice from users who have more experience with bike building.
    In Estonia track bikes are to "fancy" for hipsters, they ride with pimped vintage bikes :)

  • These frames aren't drilled for a rear brake so you'll need to run it fixed not single-speed. Miche primato get lots of h8 but they're fine, although I would get Omniums if I was you. Or Rotor$$$

  • These frames don't have aren't drilled for a rear brake so you'll need to run it fixed not single-speed.

    I drove only front breaks with BMX for years but that was long ago...
    Any recommendations for good price/quality cog?

  • Riding SS with only a front brake is a bad idea, your ability to stop quickly is greatly reduced and if you do try to stop suddenly whilst traveling at speed you'll more than likely end up eating shit over the handle bars and require a trip to the dentist.

    To my knowlege most countries require at least two 'means of slowing' to be fitted to a bike by law. Not sure about Estonia but over here in the UK that usually means either two brakes (front and rear) or a front brake combined with a fixed rear wheel.

  • Brake cables snap occasionally. I've never had it happen myself but it happens. I wouldn't want to be heading down a hill with no brakes if my only one had failed.

  • Unless you plan on sticking to BMX speeds you'll need two brakes.

    Cogs and lockrings are cheap and simple, I use lifeline.

  • I got Miche X-Press Road wheel set today but were damaged during the transport - I shipped back to the store :(

  • @märk_321 I just noticed, your thread... I think we are going to be ride buddies :-P

    This is my thread in case you want to get some ideas­21/ and it's based on the "2017". It looks like we will be soon able to claim we own the last cinelli/mash frame ever built :-)

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Cinelli Mash Parallax Cyanotype 2016

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