Late to the mini velo party!

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  • Hi. Its been some time. Glad your all still here.
    So im seeing these mini velo bikes from china.
    Whats the easiest way to get them and can you just buy the frame and forks?
    Call me what you like, but i really like how they look, like a mans shopper 😂



  • I've been looking at these but nowhere stocks them, not sure if I want to search so much might be a reason they aren't stocked that I find out after buying lol­an/katu

  • Im really surprised as they are aparently really popular in Japan and China. I thought it would be like finding the copies of the mini bmxs?
    There is one like that Orbega on ebay just search mini velo.
    I just fancy the high crossbar, but there is no way im paying £600😂

  • There is also an alpini one on there for £145 ono. But i dont think i want to pay that much for clear plastic peddles 😐

  • I don't think it's £145 for just the pedals, they give you a clown bike too.

  • 😂😂😂

  • I love me a mini velo!

    Generally like to keep an eye out for what's around, which is pretty much nothing! Am more into Moultons of old and new, so monies go there.

    Had a Dahon Hammerhead in the past which was good fun. They are pretty light (Alu frame) and occasionally come up on eBay for around 300. Note they come in two sizes. I had the 'large' which was ok for me (170 cm tall) but always felt a little big. My bro bought a 'medium' for himself and I felt it was much better.

    Have a look for Cannondale Hooligan. Not as nice as a regular minivelo but looks like a lot of fun.

    Soma did a lovely minivelo a few years back (also in two sizes). Was steel and relatively pricey. They stopped making it, probably due to lack of interest. There was a NOS one on ebay a couple of years back for 450 in my size. Still regret not buying it, though even if I had the cash, the wife would not have been happy!

    If looking at mini velos make sure you take a note of the wheel size. They all say 20 inches but there are two sizes that are described as 20 inches. ETRTO 406 and ETRTO 451. I would say go only for the smaller 406 as there are a lot more tyre choices (almost all 20" folders have 406 wheels). I think there are like two choices for 451. I've noticed many of the mini velos from the east are now often with 451 wheels.

    Tyrell do every expensive ones, though they are not the usual diamond frame shape.

    Last notes, have a google search for Bianchi mini velo. Mini velo pron. If I ever go to Japan, i'll be on the look out for one of those. Gios mini velo also every nice.

  • Cheers. Yes the hooligan does look fun.
    I too have a thing for the old and have a Raleigh 20 and 3 other generic (true 20") folder/shoppers Hurcules and others.
    The twenty and the folders have different size wheels the twentys are slightly bigger (euro).
    But yes that why i like the look of the velos.
    Im thinking 3 speed sturmey or nexus and sit up bars mabie even bmx bars.

    Ill keep looking. 😐

  • Now this is the last thing to note. If buying a frame and forks, check what the OLD of the front fork/wheel. Typically folders will have 74mm where as a mini velo is likely to have 100mm (Dahon Hammerhead has 74mm, Moultons generally have 100m). Can make buying wheels a little tricky.

  • Oooh check out the "Bigshot polo"

  • I would say go only for the smaller 406 as there are a lot more tyre choices (almost all 20" folders have 406 wheels). I think there are like two choices for 451. I've noticed many of the mini velos from the east are now often with 451 wheels.

    SJS are always good for a range of tyres. They have 5 options for 451 ERTRO-sized wheels.

  • Nice spot. I hadn't looked at what options were available in 451 for quite some time. Those Schwalbe options are really good.

    .....Starts thinking about a potential build..... I think I need to move away from this thread!

  • Just waiting for this one to arrive, waiting for Customs to clear it:­76/

    Probably will have to sort fork crown race from 27 to 26.4 and ream the head tube.
    Still limited on 451 tires and rims though , SJS are out or stock on the 28 mm wide tires I wanted ,so ordered from ,with a bit of luck got some nice NOS 451 rims from eBay U.K.

  • yeah i saw that, bit pricey for me, i want something i can lock up and not have to worry too much about, shame there are no options from Alpini to just buy frame and forks, but even then i recon there must be a cheap chinese one somewhere. It didnt take them long to copy the rocker BMX for us cheapskates, so im surprised its not caught on?

  • Triton cycles do a Mini Velo frame set but is more expensive, looked at the “Gios” ones but the dealers will not ship to U.K. , Gios Mini Velo is available from German Ebay seller but extortionate prices . Even the 2018 Hooligan is over €1000 from bike24. Not much chance getting one for a reasonable price.

  • pretty sure wheelies used to stock these (remember seeing them on the website about 6 months ago). might be worth a call just in case they still have some knocking about / can get hold of them...

  • hmmm, Wheelies say not any more, Triton are closed at 5pm? but cannot see anything on the website, as for the Gios £600!!

    The Alpini on ebay has sold today, gutted, should have bought that.

  • Someone has to build these with TT bars and 20inch HEDs. I so want one.

  • see now i like that, shame about the dropout, but ali frame, $90 shipping, but it is the cheapest and some cool colours.

  • Gios with chrome fork 1700 just bonkers

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Late to the mini velo party!

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