Ceeway group ordering.

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  • Cheers. Thought it might be the case. Most of the sales are probably orders telephone or internet.
    It's not everyday you need a fork crown or cable stops.

  • Never open Mondays, and not particarly setup for people to go there. Phone ahead at the very least.

  • Anyone knows a ballpark price for the Llewelyn stem kit that ceeway sell?

    Also, anyone have a front disc tab like the one discussed a page back they don't need? I sold the one I had to Beetletype but might be needing one soon.

  • You can have it back if you like. I sold the Kona so it and the p2 forks are just languishing in my garage.

  • Eh, do you think you'd get around to using it any time soon?

  • I doubt it. I haven't got round to learning to braze yet and messing with forks does not seem like a good place to start. You're more than welcome to it.

  • Aye go on then!

    Was it £11.87 you sent me for it?

  • Sounds about right. I'll pm you.

  • I'd like to clarify the situation.

    I drop in to collect as they were near where I lived. I called ahead to see if the bits I wanted were in stock and if there was anything I wanted to look at.

    It is not a shop, it is just an industrial unit in a row of houses. There is no carpark etc.

    They are very helpful and knowledgable, they have helped chose metal work for motorbike frames that are still together.

  • Anyone got any canti posts kicking about spare?

    Ideally a J0RPS but would take anything really.

  • anyone ordered from ceeway recently? I sent them an email last week and don't know if they're in lockdown/shut or if it's just too small an order for them to be bothered with.

    Basically just looking for 4x bottle bosses and wee reinforcement tabs, and some mudguard/rack bosses so would understand if it's not worth their trouble...

  • wee reinforcement tabs

    The diamonds for around bottle bosses?
    Think I've probably got everything you need if Ceeway aren't open

  • Yeah, don't know if I really need them but they look nice...

    this is what I'd wanted to order:

    art 361 x 4 (bottle boss reinforcement)
    art 471 x 4 (bottle boss)
    art 294 x 2 (rear panier boss)
    art 293 x2 (front panier boss)
    art 581s x6 (mudguard eye)

    If you have any of these and you're happy to sell then would be grateful to have something to get on with tbh!

  • Just missing the guard eyes although I have 2 stainless ones if those are any good.
    Otherwise I’ve got these

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  • oh nice, they would be great.

    Can use the stainless ones on fork and customise two of the rack mounts to repurpose as guard eyes, forgoing front rack.

    let me know how many shekels you require sir!

  • I’ll dig through my Ceeway quotes. They’re usually like 50p a pop

  • Well feel free to round up for some coffee tokens as I suspect you're saving me a chunk on the shipping compared to what they'd ask for anyway...

  • 5 pounds and 20 pence for you my friend. Don't know how much postage will be but I suspect it will be less than Ceeway's, as you say.

  • Only thing I noticed is that the rack bosses are 294 & 295, not 293

    (stainless guard boss was on another qoute)
    ((This pricing was several months ago, pricing probably not still valid))

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Ceeway group ordering.

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