I am a frame builder AMA

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  • if you’re getting it faced then you might as well get it reamed.

    It was more a case of if it needs both, I'll buy the tools

  • Heatsinks...

    For my 1st frame I used a bb lug but for no 2 I’m gonna have to use just a tube.

    If I fillet braze to a bb tube without using a heat sink am I gonna distort it to the point where chasing and facing isnt going to do much good?

    The stem jig I made works as a heat sink and I find it quite a lot harder to braze a stem together when it’s on there versus when it’s off and there’s no heatsink.

  • You’re gonna have trouble with heat control. Heat sinks for welding init

  • Heat sinks for welding init

    Really? I thought folk used them for brazing too.

  • Take it to SBC they do it for you. Worth getting it done. I always take my stuff out to Sam to get it done. I have the tools back in Denmark and it is a must.

    You can buy an adj reamer on eBay for £26

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  • As a follow up to my heatsink question, frame no2 will need a means to adjust chain tension. I could do this via an ebb rather than track ends (fixed dropouts might be advantageous) but would a larger diameter shell be more susceptible to distortion from brazing?

    I could probably/possibly find cromo tubing of the requisite internal diameter with a heavier than normal wall thickness if that would help.

  • Are there any T47 EBBs around yet?

  • No man they will suck the heat out of the joint

  • I get asked to make t47 shells and I see people asking for adapters to stick bsa bottom brackets in those.....mind blown

  • Fair enough, guess I'll choose my bb shell based on what I want/need it to do and try not to worry about distorting it too much.

  • Bought a frame 1-2 months ago, it's a bit fucked. Wondering whether it's cheaper to get it fixed or post it back for a refund... (I would ask seller to refund the cost of repair)

    1. Seat tube is fucked at the top where someone used the wrong size post
    2. A segment of a seat post is stuck lower down in the tube
    3. One thread on the EBB is fucked.

    Ballpark figure for a new seat tube and drill out/braze something into the EBB? @Hulsroy ?

    Think I might have lost a good chunk of cash on this 😥

  • No Idea how much.It is rarely worth the fight tbh. Send it back.

  • Balls, I'll be losing out on postage fees with no bike to show for it :( Thanks anyway.

  • Purchased through where?

    If eBay, seller has to stump up return postage if the item is faulty / not as described

  • Bought through Paypal but it was a private sale type thing (Pinkbike). I should be covered for the postage according to the Paypal terms actually; if I'd known about the problems with the frame I wouldn't have bought it so it stands to reason that the postage costs are refunded to me.

    I feel bad for the guy actually, he seemed nice enough and he's probably going to lose €40 which is what he paid to post it to me. I don't think he was trying to rip me off, just didn't realise. Unfortunate situation!

  • Anyone got a RattleCAD 3 version for mac?
    Computer isn't new enough to use 4 and all the links to 3 are dead.

  • Same as PF30 EBBs, no?

  • Same dimensions but would need threaded cups I thought

  • But if it's an EBB, you don't want it to thread in, as it needs to rotate.

  • Yeah sure but you won’t be able to get push fit cups to sit nicely or grip on threads right? So I figured maybe someone had done thin cups which thread in and house the eccentric part which then presses up against the thin threaded rings in the same way the normal pf30 ones do inside the bb shell. But I suppose not.

  • They'd (probably) be gripping the faced ends of the shell, not the threads: https://wheelsmfg.com/eccentric-bb-for-p­f30-24mm-shimano-cranks-black.html

    A Bushnell would press outwards(ish) across a much wider section of the shell, mostly in between the threaded ends, but a Bushnell needs a 54mm shell: http://www.bushnelltandems.com/eccentric­-build-specs.html

  • Yeah I see what you mean now. I guess we need someone to try it, see if it fits.

    A Bushnell

    That’s the one I was thinking of!

  • Bushnell for my next frame has arrived. ‘Tis quite lovely.

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  • why is my instagram full of 3d printed seat clusters at Bespoked?

  • It is shit. And framebuilders are lazy cunts :)

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I am a frame builder AMA

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