I am a frame builder AMA

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  • Mid blade eyelets/bosses, is there a standard for where they go?

    Looking to put some on a fork for someone to fit a pizza rack to, I have the fork but not the rack, not sure they’ve even bought one or settled entirely upon the rack yet.

  • I have one in the shed, as well as a steel rule and a set square. I also have a sequoia which I believe has pizza rack optimised mounts. If you want I can measure up anything you want tomorrow if it helps, maybe take some crap pics as well.

  • Thanks for the offer but no need. I got a suggestion of 165mm from bottom eyelet to mid blade one on the fb group and the customer is going to order the rack and bring it to me anyway.

  • No worries

  • 28.6 OD Columbus Life seat tube, what size seat post?

    Hand built frame, never built up, and I can see there is a bit of paint residue inside the seat tube from being powdercoated.

    I thought it was for 27.2 dia post, but it doesn't fit. Not sure if the seat tube just needs to be reamed for the 27.2 to fit, or whether it should be a 27.0 seat post ?

  • 27.2, needs reaming

  • Great, thanks for confirming.
    LBS Monday then...

  • I was wondering if I could trouble someone with some help? I am about to have a bike to delivered to me and was suddenly confronted with a photo of the bike that made me think the tubes are steeper than normal. I realise it may have to do with photos as well as the angle of the photo, but can someone tell me these angles look normal or uncomfortably steep? This bike has been all across France on various long distance trips and was custom made.

    Thank you!

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  • Looks like a Follis randonneuse with low trail. Nothing particularly odd looking from here.

  • Oh thank you! I compared the frame by eye with online images of other randonneuse and touring bikes and it seemed like they were slacker. But its hard to tell with photos, I guess.

  • From what I understand, 73° is typical or ideal for relaxed and less nervous cycling on long touring trips. Whereas trail bikes are steeper for quick turns. Since the bike was custom made, it may be a steeper angle as a special wish.

    Anyway, if you think this looks average, then I am relieved.

  • Rather embarrassed to say that the image was initially skew...corrected now. Hah!

    Just compared it with this Singer (as a classic road bike) and the angles appear to sort of match up. Sigh.

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I am a frame builder AMA

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