I am a frame builder AMA

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  • Why do some frames/bikes have really specific part degree head and seat tube angles?

    I've noticed it before but this Erikson in the classifieds just reminded me about it. 71.7 hta and 72.7 sta. Why wouldn't you just make it 72 and 73?

    I kinda start with the hta and sta when I'm drawing up my design for a frame, is it just a case of other measurements have taken priority for that builder and that's where the angles have ended up?

  • product differentiation bullshit or people designing stuff who don't know the tolerances which can be held during fabrication. (Blame the engineers)

    I don't know of any framebuilders who are measuring the angles with any sort of accuracy to be able to hit those numbers. Your standard anglefinder reads to either 0.1 or 0.05 but in reality are only accurate to +-0.2 degrees.

  • Is it weird to spec a 1" head tube with oversized tubing?

  • Not really, if you're going by the standard 'oversize' of 31.8dt 28.6tt

  • I have a set of heat sinks/purges that were bought for a project that never happened that i'm looking to sell. I figured someone in here might be interested before i list them elsewhere. I bought them after reading decent reviews in this thread, here is the eBay listing:


    I have a 27.2 seatpost, BSA 68/73 mm BB, and head tube 34 mm. They are all unused and packaged. I paid £500 for them and would like to recoup as much as possible for them but hey, make me an offer. I can take some pictures tomorrow if anyone is interested.

  • Id maybe take the bb/seat tube ones if you dont mind splitting, pending price etc. Are they purge-able?

  • Yeah I would be happy with that. PM’d

  • Anyone know Trevor Watson of Autumn Frameworks?

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I am a frame builder AMA

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