I am a frame builder AMA

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  • I looked into this a lot a couple of weeks ago but from what I can see, no.

  • i might be overthinking this, but i'm welding a mild steel home-made gear hanger to this pompino dropout. TIG.

    i think the frame is 4130 (though no guaranteeing that the dropout is) and the hanger is bog standard mild steel cut from some angle. both ~6mm.

    i had a quick google to see if there would be anything to worry about and i see people talking about preheat and using an ER-70S2 filler, which i have.

    method wise, i was going to grind a slight bevel in to both pieces, tack x2 front and back and do a full run at the front and the back.

    any bright ideas?

  • Yeah sounds good, er70 joins many things so I'm sure it'll be fine on the filler front, unless something is stainless or especially hard, which is unlikely.

    I wouldn't preheat, that's more applicable for stuff that's thicker, where there is a risk of the bead cooling at a drastically different rate to the rest or the part

  • cheers. That's good cos I don't have a blowtorch!

  • No worries, also i like how you got both blood and plaster in the image, captures the story very accurately i think

  • slipped hacksaws cut deep :(

  • Ritchey breakaway. Available to hobbyists?

  • oof yeah thats an unpleasant one

  • I was sure another builder up here had done one recently but just looked at their instas and canny find it...

  • In fact, I think they did an s&s in the dt and just made their own version of the st bit.

  • Can't find his name on here but here is his instagram post. If we are thinking of the same one.

    @PhilDAS think you could ask a ritchey for the downtube clamp and fabricate the seat post bit your self? I've never seen the down tube connection up close, presumably it has some lip on it. Probably quite hard to do though.

  • Does anyone have a spare 160mm length of 1 1/8” 30mm ID headtube?

  • That's @retrodirect/glowbike if I recall their username correctly

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I am a frame builder AMA

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