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  • Any Mcr folk live or lived in Levenshulme?

    I'm in Whalley Range ish area (off upper chorlton rd) and have lived in Dids, Withington and Chorlton...

    But gotta sell my house and was wondering what it's like round there - ease of travel, shops, scum, crime?

  • Crikey, will they be my rival crew?

  • Levy is the new Chorlton, as I've been telling people for the last 7 years. Thankfully now people are listening to me and it's not too bad, apart from all the cunts moving here because they can't afford to live in Chorlton.

  • I'm here too. We love it. Never had any trouble. Travel is mint in to town with the fallowfield loop and the train. The buttery and trove a real great. Market is nice too. We've been here for 10 years. I know someone who is selling up soon too.

  • Ha, I went to Whalley Range 'cos I couldn't afford Chorlton. Now I'm going to be single again and I can't afford Whalley Range.

    If you could arrange for gentrification to be on pause until I move, that'd be great.

  • Cheers. The general area I'm looking seems to be around Greenbank park. Manor rd, Rushmere av, Dunstable st. (Well, that's just what's been available in last few weeks).

  • He's single-handedly keeping house prices down.

  • I try my best.

  • Tried to get 3 viewings on properties that just came on the market, all sold already. Meh.

  • I'll try to be more off putting.

  • @snottyotter must try harder to put off hipsters http://www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/n­ews/property/selling-a-house-in-manchest­er-12790996

    It does seem to be a challenge buying a house round these parts at the moment, very high demand compared to when we moved 5 years ago. Agree with @Heitzman though, a good place to live.

  • I'm trying to pull off as many hipsters as I can.

  • I'm trying to pull off as many hipsters as I can.

    No wonder they're all moving to your area.

  • Maybe it's my milkshake.

  • Went to see a place in Lev today. First impression on the street was 'ooh the residents all seem very nice'... then I realised. They were all viewing the house too. Bloody estate agent had people queing outside, didn't even have the courtesy to say it was an open-day style thing.

    Anway. Nice house, not worth what they're asking for it, says three bed but 7ft x 8ft is not a third bedroom. Been rented out for x years, so needs plenty doing to it. Probably 20k over priced.

    But of course, the agent knows this. So they have us all queing outside. Dicks.

  • I offered on the place. Absolute joke. They basically said they've got offers, it's going for £25k more than anything has sold for on the street before. And it's in nowhere near as good condition as the last two that sold in 2016. Nuts.

  • Which street?

  • Everything selling on mine at the moment is loads more than we paid a few years back.

  • @snottyotter do you live on the side of Lev with the train tracks running adjacent?

  • The train tracks run through the middle?

  • I'm left of the tracks/A6 heading out of town towards Stockport.

  • Just looking at a couple more places around the Livesy Street area, so left of A6. But the tracks seem a bit close so was just wondering about disturbance.

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Levenshulme opinions

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