Custom Paint - Workshop specials.

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  • @coldharbour should have trademarked candy fades.

    He’d be fucking minted by now!!

  • That is lovely!
    Fades aren't my ting but that sure is

    would rep

  • Hi everyone any advice appreciated.
    I'm wanting to spray my bike green with orange detail. Thinking of using the Spray.Bike orange as underlayer then spraying a green on top with a bit of taping / stencilling. Really like the finish of candy green but will that go on top of the Spray.Bike??? Also am I likely to get a decent enough finish with the candy spray as a complete novice?? Thanks

  • In short, No.

  • LOL

    I was gonna comment but swerved it 'cause I'd be typing an essay.

    Bobby's right.
    Don't do it.

  • Ha ha! Thanks for your advice. I'll leave it and wait until I've got a bike worth paying to get it done properly on!

  • Pair of matching of August’s that just left the studio. Columbus Futura forks & Pro bar/stem combos to match. Had these booked in for a while, but the timeline shifted last minute so had to get these turned around in 7 days alongside prior workload.

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  • Moots heading out.

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  • It’s all gone quiet.

    Some would say too many cooks spoil the broth

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  • Looking at the stuff quirk are putting out and finished by coal coatings very impressed.

  • I know its been asked but I can't find UTFS.

    Where can one get an Alu frame stripped and for how much?
    Its just the commuter so cheaper is better

  • Cheapest option is a purchase of this and a couple of hours of your time...­yp-Paint-Stripper-Litres/dp/B00A7RMPGS

    Put it on with a brush.
    Wipe it off with a cloth.

  • And wear the thickest Judge Doom gloves you can get

  • Would this be the best way to do a steel frame too?

  • Sure.
    It'll eat the paint off.
    With steel though you've obviously got to worry about rusting.
    If you're going to use this process on steel, be prepared to use abrasives on the metal and then prime it as soon as possible.

    And yeah... like Euan says... wear a HAZMAT suit.

    [edited for spelling]

  • Any of the smaller ones decent? Don’t need or want a massive tub :)

  • Thanks,
    Out of interest if a respray is done professionally with a steel frame do you do the same or sandblast or something else?

  • I'd love to say there are loads of other equally good products but we don't use them here so I'd not be giving legitimate advice. The Starchem one is the only one I can say totally works... I used it today.

    If you found out what the active ingredient were I'm sure you could get hold of a similar product in a smaller quantity.

    Lots of shed dwellers claim that Nitromors doesn't do the job any more.
    I've used it recently and although I'm not a chemist, it is quite clearly less effective than it used to be. Apparently there's a powder you can buy on Amazon to mix with Nitromors to give it the strength it needs but you'll need to do a bit of googling to find out the specifics. That would be a good way to get a smaller amount.

  • Personally use stripper to do most of the work, some scrapping and then sand blasting to get into the nooks that the stripper always misses and to mechanically clean the surface.

    I’ve has frames dipped before and it’s hard to find someone who will do a decent job consistently. If it’s new chemicals, the paint might fall off after half a hour. Or if they are being a cheap skate and using stuff that’s just gone, two days later and it’s hardly lifted.

  • Depends on a few factors like the substrate material, the paint methods we'll be employing, the current finish on the bike etc

    There are a handful of methods that can be used to remove a finish but they all have pros and cons.

  • Lots of shed dwellers claim that Nitromors doesn't do the job any more.

    It contained Dichloromethane, until it was banned for use in paintstrippers about five years ago.

    The chemical itself isn't banned and available off of eBay/Amazon etc.

    It works well enough, but you still need to get in the joints etc and I'm now more than happy to pay someone else to strip my frames.

  • Thanks for filling in the gaps!

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Custom Paint - Workshop specials.

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