Custom Paint - Workshop specials.

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  • Really love the effect.
    How much of the 'webbing' product did you get through on each frame?

  • New picture for the new page.
    This is a three stage process to create a copper plating effect over carbon.
    The process is complex and unforgiving. Not fun but the results are epic.

  • Look at that Scoble stack!

  • Tell me about it.

    We work on really amazing projects that just fall short on the tiniest details.
    It does my head in!

  • Excellent paint jobs! I don't know if I dare to post my own ones...

  • those valve caps as well

  • Thanks, not much though it just takes time to do it due to this shitty weather

  • Mkay then.

  • That is fantastic! Is there a special type of pen / ink that must be used? Or has it been air brushed? What is the rough price to do your side of the work?

  • DUDE!
    These are really good!
    Any full bike pics?

  • Thanks mate.

    We recommend Posca over Sharpie because of the way Sharpies fades over time.

    Costs depend on lots of variables... substrate material and condition particularly.
    Effectively, you pay for a single colour finish and then a clearcoat afterwards.
    All the prices are over on the Cole Coatings Workshop website.

    @Hamishio had one done too...

  • Thanks!

    Here's some full bike pics.

  • Mate.
    These are sick.
    Minimal finishes are hard to get right.
    There's not really anywhere to hide any errors either!

  • So Yeah, as @coldharbour said, I go under the pseudonym of Doktor Bobby on Instagram, and my company is called Colourburn Studio.

    Some stuff that I've done that I like:

  • Top stuff!

  • These are great!
    With the one with the good vibes graphic how do you produce that? Can a customer supply an image file and you get the decal cut?

  • Many thanks.

    I mostly paint my own designs, but also paint designs from the customer when it's required (mostly a few frame builders who do their own designs).

    I do all my graphics in paint, I don't use vinyl stickers for graphics. I use a Roland vinyl plotter to cut my own stencils and masks out of masking vinyl from vector files that have either been provided by the customer, or created myself.

  • I do all my graphics in paint, I don't use vinyls stickers.


    No stickers allowed.

  • Great thread, spectacular stuff from all concerned. Since the thread was open to "anything", here's my first effort: a balance bike.

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    • IMG_20170528_084702133.jpg
  • I've been known to dabble.

    Velocolour and @hoops always blow me away with their work though.

  • I remember seeing on here a while back, someone posted a picture of a painted stem - grey, silver, possibly a geometric wolf head (?) design on it. If that rings any bells could you post it again please?

  • Its six posts above yours

  • amazing! got a full pic of the frame/bike?

  • @hoops realised through this thread that the frame below is your work. Saw it in Cloud9 the quality especially around all the details was stunning.

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    • 6174642736_IMG_3944.JPG
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Custom Paint - Workshop specials.

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