Custom Paint - Workshop specials.

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  • Anything anyone has painted to be put here. Rattle can, compressor borne, paint brush, roller? Don't care put it here!

    @hoops please start us off!

  • Great thread going on here.

    I'm gonna spam with some of the more 'interesting' things that have left ur shop since we relocated last year.

    Also, happy to answer technical/DIY questions etc.

  • Sam Dunn for Spoon Customs.
    Nothing too involved for us... the bike is rawed and then primed as usual and given a type of white ground coat that's a little more robust than regular basecoat. Sam does her magic in her own time and then the frame is returned to us. We clean and degrease the surface, clearcoat and polish to protect the artwork. Decent budget option if you've got a pal who's good at colouring in.

  • I'll post some stuff when I'm at a computer later.

    I'd consider myself as more of a creative/artist that happens to be ok at painting bikes than as a specialist bike re-finisher these days. I like to paint all sorts of stuff, not just bikes, but painting bikes is an important part of being able to make a living doing what I do!

  • Keen to see some snaps.

  • Loads of metal flake and candy layers...

  • Loads of complex masking and alignment with tape and such.
    Paints chosen to match Pantone references where possible.

  • Am feeling very plain... this is all so nice.
    Best I could muster was a rubbishy three-colour rattle-can job. But as least I managed to (half-arsed) mask the lugs. Not that they were worth it. Took ages of time I'll never get back.

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  • That looks really clean!
    How did you keep the lugs shiny?
    Masking before paint or removal of paint afterwards?
    Or both?

  • Has anyone done something with chameleon paint?

  • Here's one from our shop.

    People call it different things when they're asking for it...
    Flip/TVR paint/Chameleon etc...

    This one is two powder pearl pigments over black with a fade in the middle and then a matte clear over the lot.

  • Hand polished! Well, hand-drill-mounted polish using that halfords buffers kit thing after I'd wet-n-dried them bare. Took bloody AGES. Then masked, then all over varnished. I mean lacquered.
    "Good from far, but far from good" as an old client once said of my work. Which I think was a compliment as he worked for Butlins.

  • Have done a few, suprisingly easy to work with tbh.

  • Commendable.
    Looks great.

  • Paint by Doktor Bobby. If you don't know, get to know...

  • I hate masking. Which is one of the many reasons Rob is much better at painting bikes than me.

  • Rob's work is always interesting.
    That's one of my favourites.

  • Noah and Suzanne at VeloColor Canada are a super skilled pair.

  • Rad.
    Did this used to be white?

  • Saw this on your site and love it, matte over flip paint looks amazing. It's probably the finish I'll go for when I get a frame I want to paint. Is a matte finish harder to keep clean/looking sharp than a gloss?

  • Got two now the previous one i did is v2 and this one is v1

  • In the grand scheme of things I'd say it is more difficult to maintain.
    With a gloss finish you can wet flat and re-polish to remove scratches.
    If you attempted to polish a matte clearcoat, it'd become glossy!

    Without giving you a direct hyperlink for a shameless plug... we do sell a product from NoQuarter that's specifically designed to clean and protect matte finishes.

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Custom Paint - Workshop specials.

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