#straightfromthetorch Frame building photos

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  • Got to get an awful # in, any fule no frame builders don't get out of bed for less than 2 hash tags.

    Hopefully this can be a bit like bike porn, (without the endless vintage colnagos ;)) so photo heavy, but your own work is fine, or encouraged even. Doesn't have to be porn, just stuff. Done a course? Put some photos up? Mangled a tubeset from Ceeway? Put it here? Artisinally crafted something and replaced the cable ties with hemp? STRAIGHT TO GULAG AND PERMA-BAN. Joking, artisans welcome too.

  • To get it going anyone who has done any frame building could post some stuff yeah?

  • Unicrown forks (copies from @BareNecessities monster 29er) getting welded...

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    • Screenshot_20170905-175234.png
  • And piles of isens, haven't managed to dent any yet, but need some proper storage solutions....

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    • Screenshot_20170911-193936.png
  • @danstuff @drøn @s.walrus you all have plenty to contribute to get us going ;)

  • artisans welcome too.

  • In order-

    The result of a full day of filing to my hands.
    Post- tacking and a really neat tool-wall.
    Jerry rigging a braze-on jig.

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  • Ted James 29er goodness.

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    • DSC8614.jpg
  • That's amazing! What's even going on there?

  • Alfine 8 speed hub, mounted into the frame as a gear box. One of my fave tjd bikes....

  • From one of my fave frame builders....

  • I did my first wishbone stay with hidden M5 insert for mudguards mounting the other day.

  • Gotta love them wishbones. Here's mine, before brazing:

    Inspired by @coldharbour and his 853 frames.

  • Finished article:

  • I'll dig out my frame pictures in a bit, but to start off with, here's Brommers Bike #0 - Genesis. Zona main tubes, Nova cyclocross unicrown fork blades front and rear, TIG welded. Badly.

    Before paint:

    With pink pearlescent paint, and built up. And yes, I did cut down the seat post before it was delivered.

    Georgia (niece #2) has now moved on to a bike with pedals. Niece #3 has some godawful Frozen-themed BSO her grandparents (other side) bought her, so this one will be stripped and resprayed for Niece #4. I think I've got a while, as Niece #4 can't crawl yet and has only just got the hang of smiling.

  • I haven't used one of those everest wishbones for ages, I fancy doing something with one again. Here is the terrifying tube bender for the 2 piece wishbones we mostly use now. 10mm tubing just for lolz.

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    • Screenshot_20170926-222558.png
  • Daughters second pedal bike. T45 and 853 main tubing, custom carbon forks with stainless lugs.

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    • 19452886_809093339257559_2126907231796482600_o.jpg
  • Side view

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    • 19488774_809093279257565_5541600253483820199_o-230x130.jpg
  • My second frame attached to my "jig"

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    • IMG_0600.JPG
  • Can I play?

  • Awesome, although left handed jigs hurt my head!

  • You've built more than most, of course you can!

  • The best thing about it is that it's alternatively left or right handed depending on what joint I'm doing at the time

  • This is how I built my first frame. I used the 'lugged bicycle construction book' and MAPP gas and made a lot of it up. It was an awful bike, seat tube super slack, not straight and too big. Used it for 1000's of miles and loved it. Still have the frame and it's amazing how little penetration I had at some points, enough to be able to see even though it's powder coated!

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    • first bike 2.jpg
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#straightfromthetorch Frame building photos

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