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  • What brand were you exhibiting and which show? There is a distinct possibility that we have tossed each others salad at one of these circle jerks....

  • Maybe get out more, personally I'm not a fan of the hero worship that inflates the egos or the fact you have to be on side to get a special handshake, The fact you have to sit through hours of hipster wannabes who can't afford the group set let alone the bike is also a wheat and chaff thing , I suppose the organiser has to make a quid or two so will let any melon who can summon up a website and maitre a tube to another.

  • I would be lusting after, isle after isle of the same shit and each be crying their love of all things hand made by man in shed.

    aisle after aisle, ffs!

    All these replies and not one of you picked up on this. Even Oliver. Shocking.

  • It looked a lot of fun. Well, as much fun as you can have on a cold and wet February day, riding around a sandy, muddy motocross venue.

  • I'm dubious of the benefits/return of going to bespoked tbh, and won't be going with Talbot this year, but no one makes you go. Did something bad happen to you there?

  • R U Dani Foffa?

  • aisle after aisle, ffs!

    I liked 'maitre a tube to another'.

    'Table for two tubes, sir? Certainly, please follow me.'

  • "can I have another fork please...." etc etc.

  • That’s commonplace in upmarket Scottish restaurants around Valentines Day.

  • Of course I saw that, but there's bad spelling on pretty much every page, and it would be extremely tedious if I jumped on all of that. For quite a long time, I've followed the convention that I only correct spelling when I can make a little joke out of it or when it makes it unclear what the poster said.

  • spent the all time thinking it was some sort of metaphor that I did not get, made me feel so stupid...can't say it's a feeling I am not used to though

  • nah that's autocorrect at work

  • I think the bikes are pretty cool, people have asked for them and they've got exactly what they've asked for.

  • Do people like these bikes in an ironic way? Or is there some catch I'm missing?

  • I think they are bloody awful.

    And tbh, I doubt most people who have ordered a bike, Even knowing Peter, have specifically requested the arse end of a recycling centre, but having ridden around London on a Brompton with the lad and spent an evening in his company it’s quite obvious that anything goes.

    However I do get the feeling it’s the BDSM equivalent of frame building, and if I did fancy sampling some new expensive excitement, I wouldn’t be throwing money at him to pour wax on my cock.

  • You and me both

  • I wouldn’t be throwing money at him to pour wax on my cock.

    He does this? Asking for a friend

  • Prob worth the train fare to Margate to find out.

    Who knows

    You might come back with a 26”boost afternoon tea shopping trolley and a slightly scalded little finger.

  • Quite. Emperor's new clothes. Doubt Jason Rourke is shitting himself

  • If you don't get it now, you probably never will

  • Maybe there's more than one use for brazing flux?

  • Awesome!

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  • You should trade your mason in for that for tcr @7ven

  • Ha, not sure I'd make checkpoint 1 let alone the finishing party on that!
    Would certainly commute on it.
    These bikes just make me smile.

  • Is that a dropper post?

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Dear Susan

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