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  • As violently unsettling as they all are to look at I reckon most of us are curious for a spin on them though...

  • I had a go on the tall fatbike and it's surprisingly nimble, also really comfy because you're basically cycling on airbags.

  • Yeah I reckon they're all very guilty fun to ride.

  • These things look totally stupid, yet totally fun. Would totally give them a ride, if presented the opportunity, wouldn't spend money on it though.

    They do make me grin, though.

  • Anyone helped fund the #pubesmobile yet?

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  • It actually looks pretty comfy. Like those really early off-road bikes where the seated position looked very similar to standing upright. Totally forgotten what they're called... I have a specific black and white photo in mind, of a man on one in some sort of forest though

    I was actually on Arran the day of Grinduro, should have hung around to get a look at some of the bikes.

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  • I have a specific black and white photo of a man on one in some sort of forest though

    I reckon that'd be Geoff Apps of Cleland Cycles :-)

    Cleland Cycles

  • That's the one. This sort of geometry is what I was referring to:

    But obviously this guy is a bit more upright

  • ^ that's one of the 80s Cleland bikes - the extra bracing stay in the main 'triangle' is characteristic. I've always wanted to have a go on one of these, but they're pretty rare AIUI.

  • 'Investigating building an electric sand trike' (quoted from his Instagram)
    It's stuff like this that make's me follow his account and I'm genuinely excited to see what he's building next.

  • thought someone would have posted this by now. Horn/whoopee cushion actuated by Paul cantis is pretty funny.

  • Thought there might be a thread for his bikes on here, I quite respect what he does, it's totally out there and for that reason alone, I respect it.

    One of his bikes popped up on ebay and thought I'd have a look at his other items. Selling 'creative discourse' I know a bit goes to charity but I couldn't work out if its a joke or not. Guess that's what happens after art school, people are willing to pay for your messages.­ourse/233547983952?_trkparms=ispr%3D1&ha­sh=item36608b6c50:g:nVwAAOSweatehz9r

    Keep making mad bikes dude.

  • Good to see one today. :)

  • Most of that stuff is bike charity donation ready, interesting set up.

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Dear Susan

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