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  • PVD reminds me a lot of Hambini. Same levels of narcissism and puffed-up superiority, and same inability to take what he dishes out. Less sexism and misogyny though, to PVD's credit.

  • I'd need a link please

  • yeah hes got a really strange way of interacting with people online. Idk if hes maybe a totally normal guy in person, but man does he come off badly over the internet.

  • Christ knows why that blog post is attracting such derision, it looks like the cure insomniacs have been waiting for.

    He does love the smell of his own shit doesn’t he?

  • That forum used to be pretty good, there was a user, walt (of waltworks) who contributed so much in a really constructive way. But he left over some drama to do with e-mtbs and now its just people arguing with pvd

  • He does love the smell of his own shit doesn’t he?

    haha yeah he does

  • Thanks. It really makes me sad. But it is also a brilliant reminder to step away from the internet once in awhile.
    Bikes are just not that important


    interesting vid about the hope track bike, anyone know how to get a job there :)

  • Ive been busy fantasising about getting an old Marin MTB frame modded into a 650b adventurer/tourer.

    Anyway I have a set of surly straggler forks with the same A2C as the original marins and I’m wondering if getting thru axle dropouts brazed on instead of the QR is even possible? Since I have it, it could workout cheaper than getting a new steel thru axle fork.

  • What’s wrong with leaving it QR?

  • I’m wondering if getting thru axle dropouts brazed on instead of the QR is even possible?

    Possible, yes. All things are possible. Except, maybe, for faster than light travel. Worthwhile, almost certainly not.

  • @PhilDAS I just sort of prefer the thru-axle interface, I find it more satisfying and easier with disc brakes. I know that if I just stick it in and tighten it everything will be aligned and secure. I want it to be an off-road tourer with 2+ inch tyres.

    @Brommers haha maybe possible wasn't the right word, realistic might have been better.

  • It’s better for sure but converting an old Marin may be putting lipstick on a pig

  • But it's triple butted.... :(

    Hmm maybe you're right but I do just enjoy chopping and changing old things up and making them more modern. Probably more feasible if I was going to do it myself as a project rather than paying.

  • you could probably modify the dropouts somehow, make a part with a 12mm id and a m12*x threaded thing on the other side, then braze/weld them onto the existing dropouts


    A really cool video with mike burrows

  • Seems like a sensible place to ask, looking for a tubing ID.

    Seat tube, 28.8mm od/ 27.00mm ID, possibly Columbus as the top/down match to life/spirit specs.

    Long shot i know

  • great, thanks for sharing

  • This was really interesting! Chaincase ftw

  • I think the point was he pretends to be something he isn’t? The composites guy is some kind of industry guy with 20 years in the game used to help a lot of people back in the frame forum days from memory ,the username cord an aerospace engineer.
    My memory of seeing other stuff is a bit hazy as it always descends into a shitfight whenever PVD shows up, either way I think it was more of a STFU and stop peacocking and prove what you are saying , it was quite fair to allow him to do that at but again at that point he elected to double down on the I think if I say I’m brilliant and you are wrong approach with little substance to back anything up.

    Bizarre bizarre interaction but in an online world if you can fool enough people you are a champ.

  • Which type of silver are people tending to use?

    I started with some Johnson and Matthey stuff then started getting Sif no39 from Ceeway and that's what I've used for braze ons for a while and I've built 2 lugged frames with it. Seems to do the job but I need to order some more and every time I do I think "I wonder what everyone else uses?".

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New forum - Frame Builders

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