New forum - Frame Builders

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  • Please let me know in this thread the URL of any threads elsewhere on the site that should be in this forum.

    Topics that are accepted:

    • Anything about actually building a bike frame
    • Conversations covering the work of a single frame builder, i.e. a thread that collates examples of the work of Rob English, Robin Mather, etc
    • Any topic about welding, metallurgy, etc
    • Topics relating to things around frame building, i.e. paint shops, resources that frame builders could benefit from, etc
  • @coldharbour and @danstuff have been made moderators... which merely means that they can delete stuff, move stuff out of this forum to other forums.

    General advice to moderators: Do nothing unless asked, and even then consider doing nothing :)

  • Ah, but what if they're asked to do nothing?

    Sorry, but cider

  • They can ignore the request ;)

  • I should also be a mod. I've thought about frame building a lot and decided it's easy which means I'm in the top 10. Probably top 5.

  • @coldharbour and @danstuff have been made moderators... which merely means that they can delete stuff, move stuff out of this forum to other forums.

    Gulp. I feel the cold hand of responsibility upon my shoulder. I shall try to prove myself worthy through prodigious inactivity.

  • Oh shit, he actually did it.

  • It's easy to undo, but hey... current projects is really interesting, and frame building is too... I like new areas :)

  • I like new areas

    Come to south east london, its nice .. full of framebuilders

  • They've mostly moved out to Bristol now, WHERE THEY BELONG!

  • Bristol is gurt lush, innit.

  • How do you type that with 6 fingers on each hand?

  • Isn't that Norfolk? I thought in Bristol they just have hairy palms?

  • Does @hoops get mention here too? I feel he belongs here and has something to offer.

  • Yes I view painting as part of frame building.

  • Painters, machinists, all and sundry come from far and wide!

  • People with f/1.4 lenses?

  • Bokeh much?

  • Am I allowed to have my own personal TJD frame building thread? I will be collating a gradn total of 1 example of Ted James' work - my dream bike!

    Ted and I are ready to start designing and building my super-duper SuperTed all singing and dancing bike. When I say we, I mean he... I will just be nodding and smiling every step of the way.

  • Forum description: "The dark arts of metal glue-gunning" please!

  • Totally, the more the merrier.

  • It's a well known fact that all I have to offer this forum is bad tattoos and an even worse sense of humour.
    @SeƱor_Bear can attest to this.

  • The paint porn thread could be merged into the custom paint thread, they cover the same ground.

  • I'll leave that up to @Velocio, but deffo see the logic.

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New forum - Frame Builders

Posted by Avatar for Velocio @Velocio