League X - Fixtures & Results

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  • All,

    League format: 2 x 15 minute games
    3 points for a win, 1 for a draw, 0 for a loss

    League table: [here]https://microco.sm/out/NVU4h
    Team list:
    Meep Meep Makita (max miles matt)
    Clerks (Flex, Jimmy, Fuchsia)
    Squirtle (Mya, Emmet, Charlie)
    Quasar (Josh, Danielle, Golden wheel)
    Charlie Don't Surf (Adam, Antonio, Chukker)
    The Worriers (Greg, Aussie Max, Woody)
    pigeon trotter (Dan, Max, Cam)
    West Way (Vit, Phil, Jakub)
    Green (Jess, Rob, ?)

    1st round of fixtures:
    Charlie don't surf vs Westway
    Squirtle vs green
    pigeon trotter vs Clerks
    The worriers vs quasar
    Meep meep makita vs BYE

    TO BE PLAYED BY 26/10/17

    2nd round of fixtures:
    Charlie don't surf vs Squirtle
    Pigeon trotter vs The worriers **

    3rd round of fixtures:
    Charlie don't surf vs Green
    Meep meep makita vs Squirtle
    Clerks vs Westway
    Quasar vs Pigeon Trotter
    The worriers vs BYE

    4th round of fixtures
    Green vs clerks
    Squirtle vs pigeon trotter
    Quasar vs Charlie don't surf
    MMM vs worriers
    Westway vs BYE

    5th round of fixtures
    Quasar vs Squirtle
    MMM vs Charlie don't surf
    The worriers vs Clerks
    Green vs Westway
    Squirtle vs BYE

    Round 6
    Worriers vs Squirtle
    MMM vs Westway
    Pigeon trotter vs Green
    Clerks vs Charlie don't surf

    Round 7
    Charlie don't surf vs Pigeon trotter
    Worriers vs Westway
    MMM vs Green
    Clerks vs Quasar

    Fixtures to be played by 28/03/18

    Pigeon trotter and Worriers, get your act together.. constant offenders of not playing games within window

    (NB. Forfeits will be enforced strictly this year, you only have 7 games to play in 7 months, if you can't do this. You will forfeit your games.)

    **ALL, please, enter your scores & scorers on the spreadsheet when you record them.

    Click on round 4 / round 5 pages, all the team details are there, just add the number of goals scored per person.


  • Sweet. Looks great. You fuckers (MMM) are going down!

  • TBD and TBA have 48 hours to come up with a name or a name will be given by the M-Comm!

  • All,
    Please note due to the twats who can't sign up on time, we now have 8 fixtures and the first fixture window has changed.

    Please check it again.

  • Shirley the easiest way to do this was to give Jess and Robbie's team the bye and keep the fixtures as it is? ;)

    And I dont see what's the rush to have this year's league played so early. A game a month? How things have changed eh?

  • Then i would have to manually figure out who plays who for the rest of the season.

    I have used an online round robin thing to figure out all the rounds.

  • I guess a game a month is to stop this becoming the Winter/summer league as it has become the last 2 years. Doing the league party in June was nice though.

  • Sweet, nine teams. The league has always had at least nine teams for all ten years. The most was 18 teams I think.

  • Thank you Max and sorry everyone for signing up late. Our 3rd is Phil as well so we don't need a third

  • @M_A_X Aussie max is away until 26 October at the worlds- can we miss that deadline?

  • now now Max, I resent being called a twat on the internet

  • No London No Chat.....

  • Sounds like beagletown better play on Sub Crawl if he wants to play in the league...

  • Nah, they have Phil and I'm happy to just bide my time...

  • Charlie Don't Surf v Westway
    Weds 18 Oct

  • Meep meep makita Vs bye


  • Is there refs this year? If so happy to ref if anyone's in need

  • Hahaha

  • Me Robbie & Phil vs Emmet Mya & Charlie next Tuesday 24th October at Newington 7pm - come hang out with us

  • Guessing there's gonna be a lot of fixtures in the next week..

    If games aren't played by 26th you will forfeit

  • Charlie Don't Surf v Westway
    Weds 18th.

    Should be at mitch. I'll check the lights tonight to see if they're on.

  • Looks like these games still need to be scheduled ... and will be forfeited if not played by the deadline:

    pigeon trotter vs Clerks
    The worriers vs quasar

  • The worriers vs quasar, Thursday 26, court TBC

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League X - Fixtures & Results

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