Mini Velo : Just ordered one of these

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  • Customs charge raised, just got to wait for it to get released and arrive at local depot

  • Cool project, subbed

  • Rims

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  • Subbed :-)

  • Parcel force strike again, ....The frame set is now stuck at parcel forces international hub, customs processed it and raised the VAT charge and released it back to parcelforce on the 3rd at 13:26 ( I confirmed this directly with customs)

    I have known the full charge to be paid which includes the £11-plus that parcel force add for giggles for the last two days.
    So I ring parcel force to pay charges ... no no you can’t do that as we haven't processed the charge.
    Me : but you know what the charge is?
    PF: Yes it’s on my screen.
    Me: Ok then , can I pay it ?
    PF: No because it hasn’t been processed yet.
    Me: Ok fine, when will it be delivered ?
    PF: I can’t be delivered until you pay the charges.
    ME: But you won’t let me pay the charges
    PF: You can pay the charges once the package has been received by your local depot.
    Me : how long will that take?
    PF: Don’t know... would you like the number for the local depot?
    Me: Gets number and rings local depot.

    Me after giving tracking number etc etc: can you tell me where myPackage is?
    LD: It’s not here....
    Me: Eerrr ..OK..any Ideas ?
    LD : might still be at the international hub...
    ME : can you put me through
    LD: Sorry no...
    ME: Can I have the number then ?
    LD: Sorry I haven’t got the number..but you could try customer resolutions
    ME: Can you put me through to them please?
    LD sorry no... but I can give you the number
    Me : Ok.........puts phone down .

  • Customer resolutions, are total waste of time , they only have the same tracking info as you have.
    They cannot or will not put you,through to the international hub , or explain why parcel force cannot process the charges so as to allow customers to pay for charges , even though they know what the charge is.......
    After a going around in circles ,CR let slip that PF have a long back log of unprocessed packages at the international hub....

  • This is the latest tracking info :

    “Your parcel has now been examined by HM Customs and charges may have been raised by them. Please check the tracking details below for further details. A letter will be sent to the recipient if charges are due.”

    Absolutely no mention that the package is still waiting to be relogged into the parcel force system at the international hub, so cannot be sent to the local depot , the charges notification cannot be issued......

    Two days from China to UK......UK to customer with parcel force fuck knows...

  • Just order these:

    They are 36 hole ,so will give me more hub options

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  • Frame set has arrived , comes with a 1 inch aheadset JIS, and a full set of steerer spacers.
    iPad camera makes bars look huge.
    Will chase out B.B. threads tomorrow, weather permitting.

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  • Finished the frame prep today, chased out B.B. threads , reamed out the head tube and had to open up the rear left hand side dropout as the hub axle wouldn’t seat properly.
    Just waiting on the 451 36 hole rims and the 1 inch campag aheadset to arrive , so I can get one with the build.

  • Cut the crown race seat down from 27 mm to 26.4 mm . Hand filed the race seat first , just in case the shiny finish is chrome .

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  • How is the frame quality overall?

  • Good Over all, lots of nice little details, paint/ clear coat is nice n even , if a little thick in places, but no runs or defects, nice lugs that give it a vintage look. Will take some close up pics as the build progresses.

  • I have always like raleigh record 20" tyres always whitewall. I know they are not everyones cup of tea, but this guy on ebay has 47-406, 37-440 and 37-451
    Item no.122350597678

  • What is the last situation? finished? I am very curious
    Btw, i noticed the link you gave has bended forks on photos, but yours are straight. (???)

  • Subbed. Waiting for an update :-)

  • .

  • SPIN made a tri-spok bmx wheel,

    HED made deep section carbon "20 wheels too,

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Mini Velo : Just ordered one of these

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