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  • Principia RS6 (not pro), is it normal 1 1/8 headset that I need or an oversized one?

    It’s the version that came with an FRM headset, rather than Chris King.

    Also should I just bite the bullet and get a Chris King headset, or something like a cane creek or FSA orbit?

  • @Sveinung
    Paragrafrytter apparently means something like bureaucrat, so is this thread title a reference to the typical owner, something like 'the dentists' association of Cervelo owners'?

  • Finally got round to almost getting the RSL AS on the road.

    Bit of a frankenbike, but I am hoping for good things.

    I still need to fit mudguards, dynamo lights, bar tape, sort out bar and saddle height, then ride the damn thing

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  • Regular 1 1/8 th on that one I've had loads of fsa headsets and they just don't last cane creek are ok but Ck, acros or hope are the best for durability and Ck have the added bling factor and I've got one in my principia at the moment

  • Thanks, figured it out!

    Any idea how to remove the crown race from the old Principia forks? Won’t budge, feels like it’s glued on.

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  • No idea mine have have always just popped off but there is no reason to glue one on as they aren't really known for falling off so probably just a bit of grime and possibly corrosion making it so hard to remove. Have you tried lots of lube? If not you can use corrosive I'll try and find the brand name of the stuff. I do have a proprietary carbon compression bung in my principia fork that i don't think Is ever coming out. CK looks great by the way

  • Yeah, will soak with gt85 and give it another go. It’s the type with a rubber o ring on the outside edge.
    I did manage to get the carbon compression bung out though.

    Not sure whether I should put back the principia fork or stay with the super light Ritchey fork.

  • Try baking soda paste or apple cider vinegar to try and get the crown race moving or scale-x if no luck with the gentler methods. Good luck

  • Currently cheap 55cm frame here -­d-Racer-Bicycle-Frame/203059193724

    I sent the seller a message about the size - 55cm according to him

  • Bought this yesterday. Will get a longer stem (and adjusted shifters/handlebar), handlebar tape, sadle and a new bottle cage. Feels comfortable considering 23mm tires and how stiff it is. Probably the fastest bike I've ridden.

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  • Good find 👍 could be a bargain it looks in great condition

  • And a cracking colour too @Retro_bastard @doubleodavey. Looks like an RSL.

  • That looks a good buy! Keep us updated

  • Looks lovely I used to have rex I'm currently on my 6th Principia and the rex pro was one of their best frames. Legendary build quality and the anodized frames wear really well if you look after them and yours looks in great condition and with modern parts it can look and ride like a new bike if you want it too. Great potential nice wheels and bottle cages too 👍

  • I have the same sunburst orange metallic colour, it gleams in the sun!
    It is very likely to be an RS6, the dropouts, brazeons etc are the same as mine.

  • Thanks, according to the previous owner I saved it from a life on a trainer!

  • Build this rex for my (short) partner, but she never got on with it. Too big for her 160cm. Putting it on the local classifieds and hopefully someone will get some joy out of it. Lovely bike!

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  • I saw that Pete Matthews had two blue NOS frames one in 48 ( I think) and a 56 if anyone's interested

  • a lesser spotted RSL CC cross bike on eBay­ul_noapp=true

  • Was that a green one?

    If it was, I bought it. If it wasn't, I bought this

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  • Got my 48cm Orange Glow RS6 frameset for sale if anyone is keen?

  • Just given mine a freshen up this evening 😁 removed most of old decals and replaced the ratty looking grey and silver one on the downtube with a new black one and new wheels. New A-force al 33 on bitex hub with CX Rays and the tri spoke off my tri bike as which isn't seeing much action at the moment.

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  • I have long lusted after a Principia I have now finally moved to the home of them and so am firmly in the market. I know that they now turn out a lot of dross - so what are the frames that I should be keeping my eyes peeled for?

  • aluminium ones

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Paragrafrytterklubben -- Principia appreciation

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