Harrison’s bikes: equilibrium, arkose, giant granite

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  • Nice find, got this one ages ago mind.

  • #basketlyf

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  • you know I had those bullmoose when you were doing your A levels right?

  • I did BTECS pal.

    Someone also probably had bullmoose before you did your A-levels.

  • I dunno how the UK education system works tbh, is that a slang for posh private school?

  • stop derailing my thread you blithering idiot.

  • I will stop if you post a proper pic of the bike

  • It’s when you do hairdressing or car mechanics because you failed your GCSEs

  • once I've put a back brake on it I will

  • Didn't @hp93 do hair and beauty at college?

  • Right, here’s some phone pictures!

    I got the rear brake set up yesterday, and dialled the gears this morning. Really, really, really happy with this bike! The gearing is great, climbed some pretty steep (but relatively short) bits today, especially in reddish vale country park all of it was more than manageable seated which is fun, 36 x 11 in the hardest gear is definitely quick enough too.

    Rode down through reddish vale park to Stockport, joined the Trans Pennine Trail then followed it west to fletcher moss park in didsbury and treated myself to some chocolate cake and an iced coffee.

    I just need to get a new saddle and it’s finished I think.

    Will be commissioning a bag from the forum’s very own bag maker for the basket ASAP too.

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  • Oh and I’ll eventually replace the pedals with some decent ones. When the BB needs replacing I’ll get a slightly shorter one for a better Q factor, I might polish the cranks if I can be bothered too.

  • This looks excellent, is there a build thread?! What are the guards/grips?

    Edit: ignore me, this is the build thread 🤦🏼♂️

  • The Mersey by Fletcher Moss?

  • That’s the one!

  • Edit: ignore me, this is the build thread


    Grips are Seal BMX (got em for like £8 on wiggle).

    The guards are Giles Berthoud from eBay (they seem to be much cheaper on there than elsewhere but they do come packaged weirdly), second only to the wheelset as the most expensive parts on the build. They’ve been on 2 bikes now, they’re great, but the rear does require drilling and some fixings being bought/improvised at the seat stay bridge. (Don’t bother with the ones you have to fold round the guards they’re a faff and don’t work as well as drilling and bolting.

    Need to get some leather or faux leather for flaps, thinking about looking in charity shops for a garish handbag I can chop up (someone else on here did it with like a fake Gucci bag or something) maybe leopard print would be good.

  • Ahh! Very much miss dicking about there with whatever bike I was on trying desperately to knacker my collie when she was a puppy before I moved to the big shitty. Trick bike and enjoy!

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Harrison’s bikes: equilibrium, arkose, giant granite

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