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  • I still need to figure out how I'm going to attach those bloody Pradaflaps as well. My dremel has died so bit more difficult to do now

  • New groupset and brakes are on. Still need to sort cranks because it grinds like some sort of grindy thing in the 51 sprocket. 30×51 is pretty funny but think I'm at or past the lowest useful ratio.

    New flat also. Can now access air in lockdown. Nice.

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  • That's good. Sprightly colour as well.

  • Whoa, this is good!
    How do you like riding with this handlebar on this bike?

  • It's the first time I've ridden with those bars and I only did <1 hr of local hilly stuff. They're pretty weird but felt okay. Quite upright even with that 50mm stem which is pretty long by MTB standards. I think for proper MTB trails they're a little suboptimal, but for lockdown bumbling they are just fine. Think they would probably work best for singletrack bikepacking stuff. I've got normal 760mm bars if/when I get back out to the local trail centres.

    @Tijs thanks. Quite like the orange but it doesn't seem to be a very durable paint. Think it was the right choice over the raw steel

  • For my Kona I've got two new sets of tyres ordered. Hutchinson Override in 700c×38mm and WTB Sendero in 650b×47mm. Resent paying the gravel tax for the Senderos but there's just not enough clearance for anything above 2".

    Edit: Senderos were about 5 times the price of my Vittoria Peyotes. Ah well.

  • Girlfriend's little town cruiser finally finished. Think I might swap it for a small rim brake CX bike as I have a few spare road wheels at the moment. She's already complained that it's slow compared to her CdF with 650b×42mm semi-knobblies. Must be truly slow indeed!

    (Don't look at the guards or the unpacking mess in the flat. Need to add rear light somehow too.)

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  • WTB Sendero in 650b×47mm

    Keen to hear what you think of these and see them on. I'm eyeing them and resolutes to replace my racekings when they wear out - similar clearance reasons.

  • Lovely bike overall, and hey, town cruisers don't need to be fast!

  • The Senderos have finally arrived. The old Peyotes were coming up at 52-53mm on a 20mm internal Hope rim. A Sendero looks to be 46.5mm on the same rim. Got plenty of clearance now. My other wheel has a KOM i21 so I'll put that one on too and see how wide it comes up.

    They look a bit funny actually. Just like an old school 26×1.9" tyre. Very knobbly, more like a trail tyre than a XC tyre which is what I had in mind.

    I'll get the other one on and take a picture later tonight

  • Thanks

    Very knobbly, more like a trail tyre than a XC tyre

    Having done a little more reading, this is putting me off I think, would be worried about just how draggy they might be

  • Likewise, I'm a bit perturbed as they're much more aggressive than I expected. Unfortunately I've ran out of sealant so can't ride them to say how draggy they are. Or get them to stay up

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  • Drivetrain on my Kona is wearing away. I think I'm going to have to replace a good chunk of it next pay day.

    It is kind of close to what I wanted to achieve, but not quite right. What I am after is:

    • 1× most of the time, on a ~40 ring with 11-40 or 42
    • 2× for touring with a 46/30 (happy to potentially switch back to 11-36 here - though with careful shifting I shouldn't have to)

    The problems with the current setup are:

    • I only have the one crankset, so I have to remove the lot and undo all the chainring bolts to swap over
    • Removing and installing GXP cranks is shit
    • I've only got an 11-36 cassette and a 42t chainring, so I have to choose between 42/36 being my lowest gear or using the downtube shifter. Neither is optimal for off-road/gravel type stuff.

    I think what would be preferable is one crankset that has a removable spider. So I'd be looking at something like 11-speed Rival (is also GXP, so less inclined to go for this), Rotor, Race Face, Easton, or something. 1× is fine with all of these but the problem is the 46/30 - I think I'd most likely have to bodge something with an MTB spider.

    I am quite happy with the downtube front shifter and bar end rear, and with 10 speed (but could be persuaded swap to SRAM 1×10/11 brifters I guess)

    Square taper - not for me, 4-bolt asymmetric pattern - fuck you Shimano, spending £200 on cranks - no, Q-factor - don't give a shit

    Is it possible?

    Edit to add: guess I'd be fine with something in the more traditional vein of 50/34 or 46/36 or something for touring if it was paired with an 11-40/42 - so maybe that's my solution

  • Thinking I might get rid of my Giant and re-roadify my Kona, thereby willingly lowering myself onto the bear trap that is the do-it-all bike. So have got the following ordered:

    • 38t Rival 1 cranks (chainring probably a bit small but whatever)
    • cheapo 11 speed 11-42 SunRace
    • 4 × 11 speed chains (they were cheap)

    I will need some shifters and probably a derailleur at some point. Might go to hydraulic although my experience is that it's really not worth the price difference...

    Probably will keep my current bodgy drivetrain for a touring backup, in reality I don't go very often and know well in advance so it's hardly a big deal to swap it.

    If I do get rid of my Giant I'll probably also get the following:

    • carbon fork (maybe Fyxation?)
    • dedicated road wheels
    • bars with less flair

    We'll see how it goes.

  • Why am I doing this? Fuck knows.

  • 2× for touring with a 46/30 (happy to potentially switch back to 11-36 here - though with careful shifting I shouldn't have to)

    Get an XT RD; it can handle 46/30 x 11-40 without careful shifting.

  • With a Shiftmate/TanPan thing? Hmm... guess I'll see what shifters I end up with

    I think my current GX 2×10 should be able to do it as the capacity is 47T as far as I can tell. But I've not tried it. Maybe I can set it up with a friction shifter and a spare 9 speed 11-40 cassette

  • With a Shiftmate/TanPan thing?

    I'm running microSHIFT MTB Shimano 11-speed bar end shifters personally. Works like a charm.

  • willingly lowering myself onto the bear trap that is the do-it-all bike

    Bad idea but I'm in for the ride. Post a pic of your giant? I went back and found nil

  • willingly lowering myself onto the bear trap that is the do-it-all bike

    Oh you sweet summer child

  • Featuring the rear of my new half-built wheelset, crap pic., poorly angled bars, etc.

    As "road" bikes go I think I've got the two ends of the spectrum with a Kona Sutra and this thing. Which is why do-it-all Kona is destined to fail

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  • sums up my bike building life

  • bar angle is more fucked up than your bike history

  • Its tape is the worst bit

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