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  • Prada logo square in the middle of the rear flap please.

  • ^ Definitely this!

  • Haha these will be awesome!

  • Haven't got around to the Pradaflaps yet. I'm thinking logo on the front flap, so it's a nice little detail for the aficionado, not something that the random commuters need to see.

    Got one of the Evans dyno wheels for my Kona. Have some better lights on the way but temporarily using this little 40 lux one on the front (not cabled up the rear yet). Pretty happy with it in its current guise for commuting, touring, etc. - just need to figure out a good way of mounting rack and dyno light at the same time.

    It will be a bit annoying to switch over to "gravel mode" now that I've turned it into a full-blown commuter - will have to switch wheels, guards, rack, lights, front shifter + cranks if I want to go to 1x... but hopefully it'll be <1hr's work, will try it when I finish building its 650b wheels

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  • Oh and don't tease me about my DIY bent struts :(

    And Genesis gone down to live with my girlfriend as a crusty town/short trips bike for when I'm there

  • That does not sound like <1hr work. I like the bendy stays though, very ~~organic~~ looking

  • Nice. +1 for logo on rear pradaflap!

  • On the hardtail front, bought a Yari (130mm, 29+, Boost).

    Wheel-wise I bought these Onza tyres that were £25 each. These so-called 2.85"s only measure up at 2.5" on the 30mm internal though, going to put the BB quite low BB. I'll get some short cranks to compensate

    And some springs and pawls for the freehub, so it's now got 108 points of engagement. Pretty bloody good considering I've spent a grand total of about £80 on the whole wheelset (excluding new tyres) when you subtract what I'll get for the old tyres.

    ^ this spring cost £2.50 - absurd

  • Pradaflap?

  • Also here for pradaflap updates ;-)

  • No progress on the Pradaflaps. I don't have my drill here and not sure how to attach them. Have got plastic mudguards. Ideas? Some sort of rivet I suppose?

  • A drill or alternative hole-maker is indeed useful... I just put a couple of holes in the flap and the guard, and zip-tied them on. Seems solid.

  • My first set I drilled small holes in the mudguard and used a leather punch on rubber sheet, attached the two together with some tiny little nuts and bolts.

    I have a rivet gun now so planning to use that next time.

  • Used a small screwdriver heated up over the stove as a quick fix for punching holes in a plastic mudguards before. Then zip ties.

  • A soldering iron would make quick work of the holes in the mudguards.
    Rivets work allright, but you might need to put place a spacer on the back. I've had rivets pop themselves through sks mudguards when trying to rivet them without a spacer at the back.

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frankenbike's frankenbikes

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