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  • I thought it was for locking at the station? You’re taking something on the train?
    Mini velo?

  • New work will be in Kirkcaldy, a 40-minute train ride then 20 minute ride from the station to office. I currently live 5 minutes from Haymarket station in Edinburgh so there's no need to cycle at this end (although I will be moving soon) and if I leave the bike at Kirkcaldy I won't have to take a bike on the train at rush hour. (Most people commute into Edinburgh not out though so hopefully it won't be too busy.)

    Whatever I get I will probably want to ride it all the way home (40 - 50km, kind of gravelly route) after work from time to time so maybe it's worth getting something that's moderately nice, although I could also just take my Kona or something on the train in the morning if I want to do that.

    Either way I have no money until I start and even then I will owe my parents as they'll have to lend me money for train pass, flat deposit, etc.

    Probably overthinking it all, I should just take my bike on the train or leave Marin in Kirkcaldy and use that horrid fixie in Edinburgh or something.

  • Yeah don’t sweat it man. Leave it for now I reckon. Get going, get some money behind you.
    I could do you a sweet flat bar build on the arkose for cheap if you wanted. Will have to pull it from eBay in case someone bids. Wouldn’t fancy posting it though. Wouldn’t be in a rush to get it gone though.

  • Cool. Don't feel the need to pull the eBay listing, I'll feel bad if my circumstances change or something and I can no longer buy it. But I'm sure I can make it down to London some time in the next couple of months if you do still have it

  • You know what, I just remembered I'm due a refund on another frame I bought that turned out to be fucked. I want to sign the job contract first but when that happens and when the refund comes through I can pay for your Arkose and just make a trip to London some time? I've got plenty of spare parts for a cheap build

  • I've got plenty of spare parts for a cheap build

    Me too. You want drops, risers or alpkit loop bars (not the swept back ones)?

  • I've got spare drop bars/levers/BB5s, cheap OEM disc wheels - think I could bodge together a 1x9 Sora drivetrain with a 42t NW

  • Sure. Sounds like you’re set, was gonna give you almost a full build but I guess you don’t need it 😂

  • Well it's the money of course. Either I'll be spending money I don't have or you'll be giving away your stuff because of my inability to be patient.

    Would be good to go for a ride though? So maybe I'll eBay some parts (have been meaning to...) and pay for a whole bike

  • Nah man I wasn’t gonna charge you extra. eBay all you like.
    I’ve got frameset, wheels, cassette, tyres, Rival rear mech, the previously mentioned bars, other finishing kit. No cranks, brakes or rotors though.
    Shifters would be the main cost if drops. You can get an Apex 1 flat bar shifter cheap from wiggle if you want 11 speed with risers

  • Nice. I'll see if I can rustle some parts up. I do have a spare set of 10-speed SRAM bar-end shifters but I'm cautious of creating something too nice, I'm afraid it'll get pinched

  • I'm afraid it'll get pinched

    If it does, it does. Material things man.

    Also go to bed earlier. 😂

  • I'm unemployed in a long distance relationship... Bed time doesn't apply

  • @platypus @t0-ster

    Black fork better?

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  • Yesss much cleaner in general! Good stuff

  • New ugly commuter. All spare parts except chain, cables, headset and one or two other bits.

    I bought the frame off @Landslide and had to find a fork for it - in the end I bought this 15mm one that takes massive tyres for ~£50. But decided I'd rather have thru-axles and big tyres on my Kona Sutra than on a commuter, so I've put the Kona fork on CdA and black fork on Sutra. Not sure whether to respray it and lose its matchy status with Sutra (if I ever put it back on or sell it) or what.

    I'm thinking it'd be nice to cycle the whole way home every day, it's 40km. Maybe a bit much.

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  • That's really far from ugly, mate!

  • Only 'cause you can't see the blue fork and the state of the wheels! But yeah, it's not so bad I suppose. Aside from swapping for a double and maybe slightly less sketchy wheels it will do the job

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frankenbike's frankenbikes

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