The Transatlantic Way (TAW)

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  • @cjr has finished!

    No expense spared I see

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  • Amazing, well done to all of those who have finished!

  • Bike ain't even dirty! Do it again!

    Well done dude! :)

  • He looks fresh enough for another lap.

    Well done @cjr

  • Congrats, nice ride!

  • Well done, cjr!

  • "Ede Harrison finished the TAW2019 in the early hours of this morning – topping the female category in a time of 7 days, 16 hours and 25 minutes."

  • smashing ride, Ede.

  • She was leaving cp2 as I arrived at 1am but I think she pushed hard to get the ferry and needed to catch up on sleep. I rode with her for a bit after the Ring of Kerry but she was nursing an achilles pain.

  • Lesson learnt: when coughing up flem and spitting it into a bush, first check that you're not still wearing your midge headnet.

    It went pretty well until I ran out of food on the second to last peninsula in the early evening, with no resupply options. I put on a bit of speed to try to get to Durrus while something was open, but no. I pushed on as best I could, rationing my last morsel to last until morning. By around midnight I had the severe dozies, so I stopped for a 20 minute hedge kip. It didn't help enough though, I still couldn't safely ride a bike. That left no option but to stop for a proper sleep.

    I got my head down at about 0100, woke at 0400 and was rolling again by 0425. It was already starting to get light and I felt much better. Two caffeine pills and my last little bit of chocolate for breakfast. A town, everything shut. Another town, ditto. A garage, also shut. More empty road. By now it's late enough that things will be open, and I see a sign for Clonakilty 12k. This makes me happy until I realise that it isn't 12k for me, because I'm going there via a long diversion up and down a stupid fucking hill.

    Finally I get to Spar in Clonakilty and load up on food. Another 20k on survival mode and then the food has kicked in and I'm ready to race. The tracker shows that I only lost one place overnight, but someone is one hill behind me. I don't know if he's chasing me or just surviving, but for some motivation I choose to believe that he's chasing me hard and give it everything for the last 40k.

  • Great ride Nick. Looks like you rode very consistently and paced it well. I was all over the place but learned a lot.

    I also actually put on weight and finished with a few of the SIS bars I set off with. Taking the eating competition thing a little too seriously.

  • I also actually put on weight and finished with a few of the SIS bars I set off with. Taking the eating competition thing a little too seriously.

    I only ate 2 family-sized trifles this year, which is up from 0 last year but still makes me a bit of a lightweight in the TAW eating competition. I was down about 1kg this morning vs pre-race, but that could easily be a random fluctuation. I wasn't absurdly hungry afterwards.

  • I only ate 2 family-sized trifles this year


  • Is this running now?

    "Trying our best to keep the dream alive for this year.
    September 3rd start date.
    4 months away. Ultimately it won’t be our decision to make. Just a plain Yes or No.
    Ireland has a 5 phase road map out of the lockdown restrictions. If everything goes to plan technically it will be possible to Ride. If Cycling Ireland , Audax Ireland the GAA(Gaelic Athletics Association) all take on board the Irish Governments plan we will be part of this plan.
    Travel will also have to be factored in to our decision, quarantine might be in place.
    The 15th of July review will be extended to the 20th of July in line with Ireland’s phase 4 plan.

  • Yeah sounds like the last I heard around dates and whether it’ll go ahead

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The Transatlantic Way (TAW)

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