The Transatlantic Way (TAW)

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  • "Rob Webb has been forced to scratch from this year’s event following a collision with a car. He’s unharmed, but his bike wasn’t so fortunate."

  • Earthy and Paul Buckers in the top 10. cjr and Ede close.

    "Ede Harrison has extended her gap at the front of the women’s category, and is now 50km ahead of second place female Anisa Aubin. "

  • Come on @cjr you're only a little way off the top 10. Pedal to the metal and all that!

  • Rob was doing well given it was his first long event - sounds like he's a bit bruised but keen to return. He used to bloody love a Guinness, so it might have been local sabotage to boost their annual sales...

  • Yeah, well it's not like he quit because his arse hurt or something. If you're taken out of a race you're always gonna have some kind of unfinished business/what if shit going on in your head. Glad to hear he's not seriously injured but still nasty.

  • Did Dan Harty stop for lunch with 70km to go and 40km lead?

  • Is this Steve Abraham's first ultra race?

  • He's raced 24hr TT so depends on your definition of 'ultra race'.

  • Never mind, wrong Dan :)

  • This is getting a bit close.. 5k between Matt Dan now

  • Yeah, was thinking more multi-day type of things. Really impressive.

  • I mean, there was a little 1 Year TT...

  • ha! Totally forgot about that!

  • Dan Harty scratched while in the lead with only 70km to go! What happened? He could have run that far!

  • Must have been pretty bad..

  • Shermers :(

  • Nick only has 45k to go. Cjr 140k.

  • @cjr is currently fuelling in a strange shop which only seems to sell meat and greetings card just north of a place called Skull Graveyard and is doing amazingly for his first ultra race. I'm sure he'll blast out the remaining 140km in no time. Go Col!

  • He’s on the move again! Long as he keeps the 9 or 10km between him and the guy behind he’s on for 12th!

  • What more do you need than meat and cards? Hopefully he's fixed his issues and is in a good state to knock this in the head.

    Nick is ~2k from Fin.

  • Nick's finished. Well done, Nick!

  • cjr has 14k to go.

  • well done nick!

  • Hmm, why is my tracker not updating. I thought he'd been sat on 60k to go for a while.

    Ah, it updates the map position but not the distance to next checkpoint. shakes head

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The Transatlantic Way (TAW)

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