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  • 56cm Genesis Vapour touring / 'cross frame with Surly Long Haul Trucker fork
    Frame fork and headset now only £60 Trucker forks are £100 new...
    With a cane creek headset that needs grease. would be interested in offers on frame or fork only but don't have the tools to remove headset. BB threads clean. One dodgy bottle cage rivet. I love this frame, it's taken me all over Britain with all my kit.
    The rear is about 50mm wide at the point where your tyres would run, the surly fork has about 60mm clearance. I ran 40mm tyres comfortably, could probs go a bit bigger.
    was £90 now £80

    Pick up is from Crystal Palace SE19 1QG. don;t have time to post sorry.

  • How many speed are the DA shifters?

  • dibs on the vapour frame - could you tell me what exactly is wrong with the bottle mount?

  • How many speed are the DA shifters?

    Not sure. I will fit them to a frame and see how many times they click. Not even sure if they are indexed or friction.

  • could you tell me what exactly is wrong with the bottle mount?

    The lower boss on the seat tube has come loose, so the rivet spins in the frame when you screw a bolt in. I solved this by simply tightening the top bolt and taping up the bottom. Got me to John O' Groats and back.

  • Is there a part number somewhere? I would guess they are indexed, they normally say on the RHS shifter, somewhere on the black plastic.

  • Ok Will have a look and let know know later tonight.

  • It reads "SIS SFT Shiman Dura Ace Friction". Sorry, not indexed.

  • You might be able to fix the loose cage rivet by doing this (via @PhilDAS on a different thread):

    Bottle cage mounts are rivnuts seated in holes drilled in the tubing.
    They're gripped in place and can come loose. You can put a skewer
    through a hub, screw it into the mount as far as it will go and then
    tighten the skewer. This pulls it in on itself and grips the tubing again.

    I'm really keen to try it, sounds like a great hack!

  • Cheers @dk I'll try that.

  • Works really well - fixed a couple of frames using this approach - you can just take the axle out of the wheel - makes the job a ton easier.

  • It reads "SIS SFT Shiman Dura Ace Friction". Sorry, not indexed.

    Shimano Index System (SIS). They look like DA 7400's but could be later, so will be six (or seven or even eight) speed. IIRC you can set them to indexed or friction. Look for a clue ;)

  • I have done the 'riv nut with the skewer' thing. Takes a few closures of the qr taking up the thread each time but it is tight as a drum when done.

  • Just realised I still have this! Cheap frame anyone?

  • Better photos + price drop

  • Tyre clearance info added

  • I'd be keen to take the forks off you

  • I will get in touch if there's no interest in frameset before the new year. Would you be able to pick up from Crystal Palace or nearby?

  • I live at the top of College road :)

  • Are you Max from Brixton Cycles?

  • Affirmative

  • also into the fork if split :) thxx

  • If you have the tools to remove the crown race from the fork you can have it for £50?

  • I don't but how much would a shop charge for this?

  • If you think you'd take the fork for £50 I'll ask Blue Door to remove it the headset.

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Now listed elsewhere

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