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  • Work reimburses the travel costs based on kilometers

    do they still do the same if you ride to work?

  • There’s no distinction between taking a car, cycling, or even walking. They can however reimburse public transport costs specifically, but mine also just looks at the distance.

    In Dutch it’s literally called ‘kilometer compensation’.

  • that's pretty cool. i'm guessing the calculation is based on a straight line so you can't add on a 50km loop on your way hope for a few extra pennies? :D

  • i'm guessing the calculation is based on a straight line

    Good question. 'Most common route' apparently. So not the shortest route, let alone a straight line.

  • Exactly, they just check the quickest route via Google Maps and reimburse based upon that.

  • Subcompact (?) setup done: 46-34T. Had to use some spacers for the outer chainring so there's no chainrub when I cross-shift (which I will definitely do). It's a true frankenbike now, downtube shifter for the front mech, thumbie for the rear, 30 y.o. Deore DX chainring on an R600 crankset etc...

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  • And some slightly better shots. Shakedown ride done, machine's as dialed as it can be, gearing is perfect. Shifting's not too fiddly either.

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  • really good

  • so glad i didn't snap the marin up when it was listed in the local classifieds/marketplace.. :)

    also: kikűggyek neked egy kempinget? :D - this is a hungarian inside "joke", not sure if it can be properly explained. but it involves a crappy little folding shopping bike and nostalgia for those who lived during communist times/grew up during the 90s in hungary.. :)­xis&ab_channel=Lerrifoto

  • Csepel > Brompton!!! Ha egyszer sok penzem lesz, epiteni fogok egy agyonpimpeltet, valami komoly flip-flop festessel.

  • So, I commuted on the Marin today. Lots of headwind on the way back so I'm proper exhausted.
    I need to get back into the game, then this should be doable a few times a week. Should take it a bit more gradually.
    Lovely scenery all around, all the waterbirds you can imagine, pheasants, cats here and there and cute dogs. Worth every second.

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  • After sweeping through local classifieds for more than a month I realized I'm not going to get a good deal on folding bikes, as they are extremely overpriced, so I walked into the nearest Decathlon instead.
    So far so good. Had to set up brakes properly and straighten the handlebar, all else seems fine. Rides pretty darn well and quite comfortable too.
    Already thinking about part upgrades of course.

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  • I see these a lot during my commute. They seem like decent value folding bikes for sure!

    What upgrades are you thinking? 😄

  • Considering that heavily used 20 y.o. Bromptons go over 600 bucks, I'd say this one, brand new, with warranty, for less than 300 is decent indeed.
    Will probably source a decent set of brakes and levers, and ditch the hideous grip shift.

  • Now that's what I'm talking about, awesome!
    Shakedown done today, bike's awesome, but I'll definitely swap the handlebars to something with at least a little backsweep as my wrists are a bit sore. Also gonna need a longer seatpost...

  • That’s @Carabo ‘s, right? Looking at the backdrop.

  • No idea what this means, but, catching up on your thread, and seeing your exchange with hma on Hungarian bikes, I thought I'd share my very own. I brought my "Budapest" bike back with me after I lived there for a bit and was commuting with it. It's at my parents in France now but I really hope to use it again at some point.
    That's the only (weirdly assembled) picture I can find of it atm. I was told back then that it must have been built pre communist era, otherwise it would have been a "Csepel", but I don't really know for sure. Had the coaster brake serviced by a LBS before leaving Budapest and spare parts weren't an issue for them.
    Good memories with that bike!

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  • Looks like it's in an awesome condition, and what a lovely headbadge! I don't recall ever seeing one of these.

  • How difficult is it to find a longer seatpost?
    Could you get a straight tube and fit a seat topper?

  • After a brief search not much luck. Considering I'm pretty lightweight I can get away with pulling the seatpost above min insertion, not a big issue. Would need about 600-650 mm length in 31.6 mm diameter.

  • Should still be in good nick, haven't seen it in a while...
    Meant to say, cool thread! That Marin is perfect.

  • Thanks, it is perfect indeed! Best bike I've ever owned.

  • take this with a pinch of salt, but csepel is the name of an island that extends into budapest and communists did rename everything that had an individual's name to geographical regions..­top-10-magyar-kerekparok-az-elozo-evszaz­adbol/

    this says that the budapest model came out around 1950, when the bike division of the old weiss manfréd works spun off under the csepel brand

    but that doesn't really matter, cool bike! don't go down any inclines, though.. that pushrod brake.. :D

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Ghetto Groad Grotto

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