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  • For the marin? Nooooooo, Can you imagine shifting that thing wit ha downtube shifter, ughhh if you wanna go down Radavist road you need a front rack to help camouflage the stem...

  • Lowkey expected an answer like this haha. Front rack is probably not happening with this one, maybe for a future build, but right now it wouldn't see much use. I might buy a Wald for the Minerva tho.

  • If you want to improve upon the ergonomics of bar ends (which is hard imo) I'd go for stem mounted shifters or you can adapt an FD-band-on clamp and mount a sram trigger shifter.

  • The bar end shifter is perfectly fine to be honest, nothing to improve upon, it's just that I am immensely restless and want to try new (=old) things - especially when they are cheap.

    The FD-mounted shifter is something I wanted to try some 2 years ago, but I got stuck when it came to actually mounting the shifter - albeit I didn't have any SRAM stuff, only Shimano. I think I could somehow manage to bodge it up. But again, these downtube shifters would only cost a tenner...

    It would be really nice if someone would make an affordable 31.8mm thumbie clamp. As much as I love Paul Components, 65 bucks for that kind of product is ridiculous, although I'm certain at one point I will place an order on them.

    Lots of options, I will also have a set of Sora STIs to play with later on.

  • they are heavy but its sooooo confortable... after the breakIn period ...

  • Thankfully this isn't a weight-weenie build so I don't mind a hefty saddle. Really hope it will be comfy, thanks for the input!

  • I know.. I'm 100% leasure cyclist with a degree in engineering, so friction shifting is all I could ever want. Bar ends for drops and up-side down thumb mounts for anything else.

  • Well I'm bummed out... At least the return should be pain-free.

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  • the Brooks C17 is also great if you wanna try a more modern look (i got the 1st gen model and it broke the tip from completely normal use for a road bike with 68kg rider did not last long, maybe 2 years...i was mad about it but no help from brooks, theres no replacement for the rubber body... so hope you have a hassle free return...)
    maybe the problem is only on 1st gen models

  • I had a C15 before, my ass really didn't approve it unfortunately. :( If I find a cheap used C17 I will definitely give it a shot though.
    I should receive the replacement B17 today, hopefully that one won't be bent to hell.

  • So I ordered a Deda Zero1 and received a Gravel100 instead. Can't say I'm mad, especially so since the Gravel100 is about 2.5 times more expensive. Will see how it holds up.
    New B17 also arrived, thankfully this one is good.
    And I got some downtube shifters for cheaps. Should be fun.

  • Shopping spree in here! Loving all the updates

  • Thankfully most of the stuff is quite cheap (especially the AliExpress bits), but now it's time to cut the spends for a while haha.

  • I believe this is the most comfortable iteration of the Marin so far. Downtube shifter works like a charm. I had to change the derailleur, as the SLX (RD-M662) doesn't have a barrel adjuster, so now it rocks the minty fresh XT RD-M737 that I took off the Minerva.
    These Deda Gravel100 bars are actually really good - not that I would ever, literally ever, under any possible circumstance pay 100 bucks for handlebars. But they are comfy, light, have a good grip and look pretty good. Nothing radical in terms of shape just a bit of flare with a nice compact design.

  • we need pictures!
    and the downtube shifters are indexed or not?

  • Hopefully I can get a few shots today! They are indexed 8 speed, currently having an 11-28T XT 737 cassette on. I couldn't find any cheap shifters that would both be friction and clamp-on. If I find the gearing inadequate I will simply disassemble the shifter, dispose the ratcheting mechanism and I'll have a friction system, but I think it won't be necessary. And if I like the whole downtube-shifting thing on the long run I will invest into something more serious, like Dia-Compe ENE.

  • Couldn't finish with taping the bars, and tomorrow we're travelling away for holidays so only some sneak peek.

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  • Tease

  • Visiting my parents atm, which includes checking on old bikes and trying new ones.
    Sora 3400 is still atrociously shit, but Claris R2000 is surprisingly adequate. I mean, you can still feel the cheapness, but it's a lot better, shifting's more crisp and the STI ergonomics are much nicer. Hidden cables too. I might opt in for R2000 brifters on the Marin later on, if I don't find the downtube shifting good enough.
    The B'twin roadie still holds up well, even though it's 11 years old and has seen a lot of use and abuse. Should make a nice fix-up project later on, hopefully during the winter I can start working on it.
    The Rockhopper is still going strong, my dad commutes on it every day. Same goes for the Merida, my mom loves it, but it could use some slick tyres instead of the knobbies. Also it has some cool swept back bars and a TIG welded stem on it since the pic was taken.

  • Have a 2x8 Claris on a monster cross/hybrid thing and it is totally adequate, especially as i bought the group peak pandemic.

  • Lezzgo!

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  • Shitty rushed pics but you get the idea. Soooo much more comfortable than before. Long legs and short torso taking their toll on the bike aesthethics...

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  • It mostly looks excellent, but I can't say I'm a fan of that stem from an aesthetic point of view. It it works though...

  • This slaps, all of it

  • One day I'll have a custom built frame and won't have to resort to such atrocities haha!

    Wait until you see the Minerva with all the purple bits... I'll take some pics later this week.

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Ghetto Groad Grotto

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