vp1337's Ghetto Gravel Grotto

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  • Thanks!

    Meanwhile I hopped some rocks today.

    It cries for an inline seatpost...

  • Just caught up on this thread. Your bikes get better and better and it’s a very good read. Looks like some lovely riding around where you are too. Keep it up!

  • Thank you very much, words like this are a true inspiration to bring more content!
    And yes, I've moved back to my hometown, and I'm finally doing what I should have done years ago: exploring.

  • The Corratec is now a budget townie/pub bike. I gave it the Alivio STIs and wheelset from the RockHopper, and put a set of 26x1.9" CST City Traveller Classics on it. Cantis came with the Marin originally, 700CX, they work very well, setting them up properly was easy too.
    Will swap the Alivio triple crankset and the STX RD too, then I'll add a front derailleur, but after that it won't have any other up/downgrades hopefully (I will take that dork disc off though lol).

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  • That Rockhopper really looks fantastic!

  • Cheers, it rides really fantastic too! I didn't expect it to be this awesome. It really needs an inline post though for the perfect position.

    The Corratec on the other hand is... weird. These bars feel so narrow now after the 80 cm ones on the RockHopper. :D Will probably get some wider ones with rise & backsweep.
    Also, these tyres are quite shite, but for their general purpose they are overall acceptable.
    Shifting's better than with the new components before and the XT tumbies tho lol, no idea how. Starting to think the wheels themselves have something to do with this.

  • Corratec is now sold, as I don't actually need it, and dental care isn't cheap.

  • New tyres (and old saddle) for the Marin, and I've sorted the cockpit cabling finally. These Overdrives are quite hefty, I hope they'll ride adequately.

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  • Great stuff, just caught up with the last few pages. Would like to see a less chunky saddle on the marin though 😉

  • Cheers! Me too, but this is the only one currently that I find comfortable. :(

  • Pics.

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  • Superbe.

    Also very ripped arm

  • That thing is dan near perfect!

  • I got one for my wife’s bike a few weeks back, the nitto quill version for an extra £10 would’ve been sweet but it seems they’re all gone, this is a decent stand in.

  • Thanks lads!
    ^ I kinda don't wanna buy it anymore after seeing the 15 GBP shipping cost to Hungary lol. Will try to buy one locally.

  • These bars work perfectly on this.

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vp1337's Ghetto Gravel Grotto

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