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  • Out with the new, in with the old! Needless to say it finally works like a charm and the whole thing took about an hour. 7 speed 12-32 SRAM casette, SRAM PC-830 chain (to be replaced later), Deore DX RD-M650 rear mech with new pulleys.

  • I'm the CEO of shitty bike photos.
    Bike might not look that great, but the fun levels are insane. I hit every single curb I can, I climb stupid stuff, and I just blast the hell out of everything. Love it.

  • Meanwhile the Marin got a long overdue upgrade... Non-plastic pedals, yay!
    I've order a set of 3x7 RSX STIs too...

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  • Fun times, the STIs I got won't be installed. Their clamps have been replaced to some 40+ years old CLB 22.2 mm ones, with a weird, long ass screw that bites into the handlebars before it even gets tight. I have many questions that will remain unanswered.
    Back to the seller they go, now waiting on another pair to arrive.

  • Dad bought a second hand entry/mid-level Merida road bike 10 years ago, which is probably from about 1998-2000. The previous owner was a pretty hardcore triathlete, who upgraded the Sora rear mech for a 105, and added a set of proper good high-end Shimano wheels and I believe he swapped the fork as well to some aero monstrosity.

    Dad crashed this bike 8 years ago at about 45 km/h. The bike didn't have a single scratch on it, but dad's helmet broke into 3 pieces, and he also broke his collarbone and suffered a mild concussion. Thankfully he fully recovered in a month or so. He rode this bike for 200-250 km single rides sometimes . He used this machine for 9 whole seasons (bar the one with the collarbone breaking).
    This bike has now seen a ton of use, and has a mileage that even some cars would be ashamed of.

    Dad just bought a second-hand, full carbon Ghost with Ultegra 2x11 two days ago (ridiculous bargain), and at 52, he now has an actually really good road machine for the first time in his life.

    I asked what of the Merida now, and he said he had no idea, I can take it if I want. It needs a complete new chainset, because everything's worn to hell and back. The rear mech's pulleys look like bloody ninja stars. And I'm not lying here, it's still working near perfectly, no chain skips/jumps whatsoever. It's a road bike with a rather aggressive setup, which I have absolutely no intention using. I do however miss a nice, fast and lightweight singlespeed ride.
    So here's the plan: a new 53T chainring, a 18T cog to the back, a chain tensioner, some flat bars and ride the living shit out of it until itjust cracks or falls apart. This bike won't ever be sold (at least not by me).

    Pics tomorrow hopefully.

    And some side story, dad also has your-standard-local-brand-cheap-city-MTBĀ­, which he used for commuting daily in the past 16 years. And by daily I mean nearly every single working day in the past 16 years. Rain, snow, burning 40 degrees, doesn't matter. This bike weighs about 15 kilos, it's fuck ugly, and has shitty low-end Tourney and Acera components, and dad rocks a set of 26x2.4 off-road tyres on it, yet it has seen more use than all my bikes, ever, combined. Old man's mental.

  • Bloody hell it's a disaster right now. The wheels rattle like crazy, hope they can be fixed. Braking power is near non-existent, shifter barely works. Seems I'll also need a non-triathlon seatpost lol.

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vp1337's Mostly Retro MTB Shenanigans

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