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  • Some detail pics of the starting phase. Bit dusty...

  • I have had a few old Marin frames and they have all been amazing. I'm currently on a pink and black Eldridge Grade with a 1x9 setup and it's a dream to ride. I have a 2015 four corners elite too, Columbus Thron tubing that is also fantastic. They know how to make a great steel frame, fair play.

  • Plus they have sort of an elegant vibe, which makes me wanna ride more...

  • 'elegant vibe'

    Now you're talking my language

  • Pretty much done. Needs some final tweaking and bar tape. Mini V-brakes are super cool and ridiculously easy to setup compared to cantis. Shifting is crisp and accurate.
    Looks super wonky - like the rest of my stuff. Although I think it still looks a tad cleaner than a huge spacerstack with an equally short stem.

    Didn't have time for a test ride yet, and worst part is, I won't be able to touch it for two weeks...

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    • LRM_EXPORT_8987123276153_20190907_143611459.jpg
  • Done for now, needs some tweaking and a proper pedal though.

    • best bike I've ever had hands down
    • these Tektro RX1 mini-V brakes are super bang for the buck, they were the cheapest option and they bite like a mofo (compared to cantis and low end calipers ofc), but I'll probably replace the stock brake pads for maximum powaaah
    • shifting is so smooth and crisp it wets my eyes
    • these tyres are ridiculously good, no idea of their model though, Maxxis something
    • very comfy overall
    • will probably swap stem to a longer one later on

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    • LRM_EXPORT_423102891732345_20190921_154104896.jpeg
  • Lush

  • Like it!

    Nuts that we all used to ride cassettes like that! 😬

  • I love it!

  • Thanks lads!
    Yeah, thankfully the very compact crankset compensates for that haha! Granny ring is like 22T.

  • Bloody love this bike.

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  • Looks fun :)

  • Thanks it is! I'm finally getting confident about fun stuff a bike after my accident from last year.

  • The Dancelli's paint job is just nuts. Really hope the frame can be aligned back perfectly. Should be done next week.
    Thinking about going single speed with a chain tensioner, 100 mm stem, compact drops...

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  • In the meanwhile, let's build the DB Axis up once again...

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  • That Marin is fantastic!

  • Thanks, it truly is! And now it's even better with some proper brake pads finally.

    Received the Dancelli from frame realignment today, seems perfect now. Can't wait to finish that one too!

  • Updated the OP to make this thread a tiny bit less cluttered.
    Currently waiting for bits to arrive for the Dancelli. Chain tensioner, freehub spacers, brakes, levers, etc. Handlebar and stem have already arrived, 44 cm Truvativ double butted drop bar, pretty darn light. Pics soonish.

    Also planning to bodge up a ghetto shifter for this later. Ordered a cheap Chinese 31.8 seatpost clamp, I'll try to install the current 300LX shifter onto that. Should work.

  • Finally had the time to take this one for a slightly longer spin than the usual. I need to ride more... Should also de-logo the stem and handlebars.

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vp1337's Mostly Retro MTB Shenanigans

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