vp1337's Mostly Retro MTB Shenanigans

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  • Thanks mate, they sure are!

    Also this came up, and I just couldn't resist...

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  • nice!! cant wait to c where this one is going!

  • Cheers mate, same! So many ideas, so little dime...

  • Hah, dope! :D

  • Took it home finally. It was ~50 quid, which is more than a fair price in Hungary for such bikes.
    It's not pristine, but the groupset is in a hella nice condition, and most of the frame, forks and stem are lovely too!
    I expected it to be heavier too, it's around 13.8 kg as of now, will try to get it down to 12 when I finish the conversion.
    First stage will be a simple single speed mod, most stuff will come from the Diamond Back, rear wheel from ye' olde Marin, 26x2.1 Big Apples, and a townie handlebar. Gonna be simple, cheap, and tons of fun. Need to get some brake pads too, these are still the original, so they're close to 30.

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  • sooo cool! love the pink with black likes! wished it was all over the frame! so cool

  • Same dude, same! It's so wacky but so rad at the same time.

  • Love it.

  • Great! Looks like it's in good nick

  • Cheers lads!

    In the meanwhile I've finally had a peck of time to shoot the Mali (album link):

  • Nearly finished, need to sort rear cog position, then it's done. I officially hate U-brakes from now on, no clearance for the 2.10 Big Apple... At least I've got the weight down to 12.3 kg, which is pretty darn good for such a bike.

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  • My bikes didn't really make me smile in the last year or so. This put a wide ass fucking grin on my face. I missed the simplicity of a single speed.
    Took the long way home - it has already seen more gravel and dirt than my previous couple bikes all together... It's a real head turner! The machine's so hideous, that people turn their heads away instantly.

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  • Looks great! 'Needs' mudguards though.

  • haha awesome man! The cheapest frankenbikes are mostly the most fun to ride

  • I'd have to ditch the rear brake then haha!

  • They are indeed! I just love this one. It's not fully ideal yet, wheels needs some dishing, and I'll probably put a bigger cog up the back, but otherwise I don't intend to spend a penny on it.

  • Tad better pic.

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  • Sick. How would a black seatpost look? The silver sort of catches my eye in a way i cant tell is good or bad.

    And shame about the U Brake. I also once had a really rad retro mtb with a wack paint job i loved, but sold it cuz of U brake :(

  • Cheers! It'd probably look better, but this thing is on the lowest budget possible. Will look around though. As for the U-brake, well... It's surprisingly good! It needs proper brake pads, but it's not as bad as I initially thought, all it needed was some tweaking. :)

  • Couldn't you use a modern bmx u-brake?
    I'm guessing modern manufacturing would have improved the stiffness quite a bit.

  • What are the bars?

  • Yup 100 %. And they are for the most part all compatible with 2.4" tires.

  • They're XLC HB-C03. Generic cheap stuff.

  • This is properly cool. I think the seat post would look better in black too. Also is the chain too tight? Any scope to add another chain link and slide it back if it can’t come forwards any more?

  • Yep, it's a tad too tight now and sitting in a rather dodgy position, I intend to fix that soon. :)

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vp1337's Mostly Retro MTB Shenanigans

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