vp1337's Retro MTB Shenanigans

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  • It was, too bad it's way too small for me haha. But its parts went on the Merida so it's a win anyways.

  • She tried a few and didn't like them in the long run, but the $1 AliExpress bar tape works for her for some reason. :)
    I'll keep in mind but I want to build something around it one day. :P

  • Oh woops, missed the part about it being for your mom. Makes more sense now haha.

    Fair enough bout the stem!

  • Excuse the shitty pic. Merida's nearly done, it needs a higher rise stem, but apart from that it's pretty darn good. Shifting's buttery smooth, braking is way better than I anticipated. More importantly mom loves it too. :)

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  • Got a Ritchey Comp stem and an FSA handlebar, and the build is quite final. Mom loves it, mission accomplished.

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    • merida_full.jpg
  • More pics

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    • merida_cockpit.jpg
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    • merida_tange.jpg
  • Solid looking build - and that paint job!

  • Thanks! Paint looks way better irl, it's pristine. :)

  • super cool! and yo mom rides that? nice!! :)

  • Thanks! It probably won't see much off-road use, but yes, it's gonna be a commuter-thingy. :)

  • Nice!

  • Didn't have an updated pic on this one yet. Also I'm getting an old roadie very soon...

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  • Seller's pic, freshly built from frame. Soon.

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    • benotto.jpg
  • Love it so far! I'll replace saddle, handlebar & pedals though.

  • Tweaked some bits.

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    • benotto2ndstage.jpg
  • Cheers! To be fair I love its looks, but it'd need:

    • proper compact handlebars
    • at least 28C tyres
    • a different saddle
    • proper pedals
    • proper brakes

    Will probably sell it, these roads here aren't meant to be ridden on skinny tyres anyways (or I'm just a massive pussy). :P

  • Sold the Benotto without regrets.
    The DB is still the best bike I've ever had.

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  • NDS fail, general pic fail, etc. Will take proper photos once the bike is sorted. Need to replace headset and probably seatpost.

    The machine was manufactured by Mali, a Hungarian brand that's well-known in my country, but basically unknown everywhere else. It's a rather unique retro MTB, with a beautiful lugged frame, lugged straight forks and a great geometry.
    I'll try to gather more information about the exact model year, but I'm more than convinced that it was custom built, as I've never seen anything like it before. Allegedly Columbus Aelle tubing (sticker says it). Seatpost diameter is somewhere about 29.8-30.0, the current one is a tad too slim and needs shimming.

    Acquired from one of my best friends, and I sent him a few 1993 LX M563-series components for this bike, and I intend to install cranks and derailleurs from that groupset too. Will see, budget is extra tight this time... Also it cries for a proper aluminium handlebar instead of this basic steel one.

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  • Dope! Really like the paint job and fork

  • Cheers, same! Bit better pic from previous owner:

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    • IMG_20180304_134648.jpg
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vp1337's Retro MTB Shenanigans

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