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  • So basically this is the all-in-one thread for my latest thing that involves retro MTBs, hybrids etc.
    IG: vpcogworks

    My main one:
    Marin Redwood 1993
    Page 12 | Do-It-All

    Puch Mistral
    Page 35 | Retro Reynolds 531 Roadie

    Giant Trooper
    Page 37 | Lock-up commuter

    Other projects:

    Marin Bear Valley SE 1992 (Tange OS Butted)
    Page 1 | hit by car, frame wrecked

    Diamondback Axis 1992 (True Temper OX Double Butted)
    Page 7 | now in SS mode at a friend

    Scott Windriver II 1989 (Tange Infinity)
    Page 8 | sold

    Merida Boston 1993 (Tange Double Butted)
    Page 10 | built up for my mom

    Mali Hungarian MTB from 1990-92 (Columbus Aelle)
    Page 10 | sold

    Bianchi Ragno Migale 1990 (Columbus Cromor OR)
    Page 11 | sold

    Dancelli 199x (Dancelli in-brand tubing)
    Page 12 | sold

    Corratec 2002 (aluminium sacrilege)
    Page 15 | sold

    Specialized RockHopper 1994 (Direct Drive CrMo Double Butted)
    Page 17 | now courtesy of my dad

    Bianchi Caurus 837 (single speed trashcan)
    page 18 | sold

    Diamondback Apex 1991 (True Temper AVR Double Butted)
    page 20 | sold

    Koga-Miyata Prologue 1992 (Hardlite FM-1)
    page 22 | sold

    Minerva Starlite
    Page 27 | sold

    Older projects from different threads:

    Kästle Trekking 1994
    Thread | was one of my biggest and most educational projects ever | sold

    Scott Santa Cruz 1993
    Thread | just a quick restoration | sold

  • Marin Bear Valley SE | Tange OS butted CrMo tubing (~18.5")
    Marin Rockstar forks
    Ritchey Logic threaded 1 1/8" headset
    Marin 26.4 seatpost
    Marin saddle

    The cockpit is almost settled already. I had an insane Shogun stem laying around, just waiting for a project like this. The handlebars will be changed.
    I'm afraid the seatpost won't be long enough for me, so that probably will have to go as well. Shame, I like it. Oh, and the saddle won't be used either, it's very worn and looks rather uncomfy.

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  • The picture doesn't really justify it, but every part I got with the frame was utterly grimy. So the cleaning process has started.
    The cantis are STX.

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    • IMG_0001.JPG
  • Nice project! The seatpost looks like the forum favourite kalloy which is available in 400mm length and various sizes, including 26.4 (I'm using one on my french tarck bike). Afaik they were rebranded and sold under various names.­tent-seatpost-extremely-many-dimensions-­silver?number=017748006896

  • I'm stripping a Marin Pine Mountain just now. Not surer what to do with it. Might follow your build though.

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  • I have a 1995 Marin Palisade that I'm going to do something very similar.
    It's a complete bike already so really I'm just changing the cockpit to start with. Maybe change more of the groupset eventually.

  • Cheers! I will probably try to look for a cheap used one first, but thank you for the suggestion!

    Saarf: STX is pretty damn good considering it was more in the middle of the hierarchy list. Plus I love the looks of it.

    Muddyfox69: Pine Mountains are awesome, but they usually go for way higher prices here. I would like to see more of your project with it!

    Tomo187: Same as above!

  • By the way groupset - I won't be needing any shifters. SS is the way this time.

    The crankset will be a Deore MT60. I will be keeping the big, 48T chainring on the front and a 20T cog on the back. I prefer a bit higher cadence on SS nowadays.
    The crankset was absolutely filthy, it was literally fully dark grey because of the grime, but I gave it a good amount of cleaning and now it looks way better. Photo soon, maybe tomorrow.

  • @vp1337 Couple of more images. But I'll start a new thread once I get in to it properly.

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    • Marin 1.jpg
  • Now stripped. Waiting.....

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    • Marin 2.jpg
  • That's a tiny bit newer model I reckon? Around '94? Looks great nontheless, looking forward to see your thread ;)

  • Crankset! This actually is after the "cleansing". It was so damn grimy...

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    • IMG_0002.JPG
  • If it had no red on it thatd be so noooiiiice.

  • looks good, You don't want it too shiny anyway

  • You're absolutely right, thanks btw!

  • Wheels are done.
    Front: Deore DX hubs and I don't know the rim but it's some good stuff
    Rear: cheap Shimano 8s hub with a noname Taiwan rim and a 20T cog

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    • withwheels.jpg
  • Stem sponsored by Viagra

  • ahahaha it deffo looks fishy

  • Have you though about tyres yet?
    Whats the max clearance?

  • I'll probably go with 26x2.15 Schwalbe Big Apples, but not entirely sure yet. If the cheapo CST C1561 Cheyenne Comp 2.4's clear I'll use those, because money.

  • get the fattys in
    get the fattys in
    get the fattys in
    fingers crossed

  • I have a nice ritchey force stem that would fit this. Less viagra angles though!!

  • My short hands require the viagra angles with this geometry tho :P

  • I did also have a itm king size quil stem that took 31.8 bars. But I can't find it any where :(

  • Thanks for the offers mate but I'm based in Hungary, so shipping's quite a killer. Plus I actually do like how this stuff looks so far haha!

    On the other hand 2.4's won't fit, so 2.1 Big Apples are the way to go.

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Ghetto Groad Grotto

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