Surly Monster X /Genesis MTB - Tourer/Peugeot Porteur

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  • I love all my bikes but they are all "not quite right" so this thread will be a cascade of small changes that leave me in bike heaven.

    1st up is the fixed gear: Just before I moved to Berlin in April I had a lucky escape from a potentially bad accident. As I was cycling my IRO through islington, I turned off down St Johns street and my handlebars snapped. I went down like a sack of shit and luckily the car behind was switched on enough to avoid me completely stacking in the middle of a clear street. After a few strongly worded letters the bar manufacturer in question agreed that since my bike was written off, they would give me a surly steamroller as a replacement.

    All good. Except I didn't really like the surly. Riding it fixed as a tarck bike was not doing it for me so I did what anyone would do in my situation and went to a framebuilder. I have had some canti mounts brazed on which was the first step in the creation of a fat tyred, fixed gear, 'light adventure' bike for shitty roads/paths around Berlin.

    Next step will be cantis - or mini vs. Not quite sure yet but I do prefer the look of cantis and tbh have never had any problems with their stopping power.

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  • Good start! How much did it cost to get the studs added, if you don't mind me asking?

  • Second is the Genesis -Currently an MTB but the plan is: SLX rear derailleur as I already have one, Salsa forks so I can fit front rack/anything cages, some kind of alt bar I think...I'm looking at the SQLab bars but there is nowhere to try them.

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  • €50, which I think is eminently reasonable

  • I have already fitted the race face narrow wide as even loaded I find a decent range at the back is plenty.

    A few adapters for the forks/thru axle have been necessary too.

    I will need to get some fat slickish tyres but I am completely bewildered by choice here. Same with frame bags. In an ideal world I would get a frame bag that I could use on both the genesis and the surly so adjustment will be the name of the game.

  • You have a keen buyer if you ever plant to sell the EA70 forks :)

  • Are the suspension forks for sale?

  • sorry, literally just bought them for this build. Straight carbon is where it is at.

  • Yep, very much so. 20mm thru axle tho...

  • Yeah totally. I'm always on the lookout for Eastons or a straight pair of Ritcheys.

  • How much are they? And how long is then steerer? And is the steerer steel?

    Edit: also, the surly is hot

  • Apols for derail but I will shortly be selling some ec90x

  • Full carbon?

  • alu crown, carbon lowers, and I would guess alu ends too.

  • Yeah yours is,but is @cakes not full carbon?

  • Yep.

    Also painted pink. Which might not be to everyone's taste.

  • Forks on the genesis. Saved about 1kg on the suspension. Pretty happy with comfort on the 2.0 tyres but will get some fatter ones, I think i can fit up to 2.5s pretty easily.

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  • got the steamroller together. 40s just about fit without adding an extra link so its pretty tukt at the back.

    bars are 710 and im so jaded by super wide bars that they feel narrow and strange but will see how they go. might flip the stem and get some bars with sweet once i have the money for new nittos or sqlabs.

    schwable g-ones are so lush. easy to get on and roll nicely over everything.

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  • +

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Surly Monster X /Genesis MTB - Tourer/Peugeot Porteur

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