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  • League X

    Let's getting it going sooner rather than later?

    Same format as last year.

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  • I am in but I rather this year's league be ABC.

    1. Meep meep makita
  • hold up
    Let's chat a minute

    ABC league would be good. But I also was thinking it would be good if we had lots of new players, which we don't.

    Not sure about the same format, some people complained that games were too one sided and didn't allow teams a way back in.

    Maybe revert to fixtures being of 3 individual games, but have games last 11 min so it don't bite into pickup too much.

  • 1) The last format, a super long single game, sucked (no offense, Emmet). It should be three games. They should be 15 minutes each.

    2) I think an ABC league might be good to try.

  • By EOP tomorrow, all league format suggestions to be submitted here. (Only submit if you want to run the league )

    poll for the winning format starting 15/9/17. >
    winner decided on 19/9/17. >
    Sign up for league >
    First league fixtures released 25/9/17

  • If we do an ABC league, can I be a C?

  • We don't have enough beginners for ABC.

    Not to sound like Kev but this year can people not encourage absolutely everyone to form a team that then implodes, doesn't play a game and fucks Up the schedule. If people need encouragement just to form a team, they probably aren't going to schedule their games....

  • good ol forum 24

  • The implosion happened ages ago, hence my suggestion for ABC. We're not retaining players that's why I'm suggesting the format.

    My favourite game was subbing for Jakub and playing alongside Will and Jess against Emmet, Josh and Laura.

    The league isn't supposed to be competitive, it's to keep the games going through winter.

    Look around ya, we're losing players that's the problem and having strong teams ain't gonna help.

  • @JonoMarshall C for comeback players?

    Think I'm in this season. Missed not playing the last one.

  • I say 3 games of 15 mins. Unlimited goals. IMO league always worked best when in that format. And let people form their own teams. Should be about playing with friends and having fun.

  • 15 min games cut in to pick up too much and are a ball ache to ref.

  • @emab I'm thinking more from my experience of best league formats rather then how it could effect pick up.

    Serious question...is much pick up happening these days and would more or less happen if there was no league?

  • The league does interfere with throw ins especially with the low number of players we have now.

    That said there's usually a gentlemen agreement when there's a game on a throw in night with league game players sitting out from throw ins to allow the refs and other players game time.

    Great to see both you and Jono back on board! :D

  • Why don't we try two 15 minute games? Separate games, rather than a single game like last year.

    The problem with last season's format is that if a team is down 10-15 points at half, the second half sucks. If a team loses one game there is a fresh start and they can still win the next game.

    With two rather than three we save time and have less faffing.

  • ^ Sounds chill to me.

    ^^ Mat, there definitely still is plenty of pickup. And even if there happens not be as much it is nice to not have such a long fixture so that the people who come out to ref on the cold winter nights can get a few games too.

  • Good idea Chukker.

    I like that

  • +1 for two individual games

  • 2 games of 15 mins with unlimited goals sounds like a good compromise. I've just never been a fan of individual games less than 15mins.

  • So if I haven't received any other suggestions by the end of tonight, I will set up a poll for:

    League X format:

    1. ABC format (Beagle)
    2. Unlimited goals 2 X 15 min games (MK/MV)

  • I vote 3 x 15 min games but I'm not willing to run it so there.

  • Im in! I'll be regularly working in London once a week and next door to Newington! Would prefer the 2x15min games option.

  • Nice Max, but Chukker's proposal was for two games not two halves xx

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League X : discussion

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