The Klein CAAD12

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  • I don’t know if you’ve already done this, but working in Local Government, I’d suggest the best way to deal with it is by raising a formal complaint. If the guy was employed by the Council, it’s best to get it dealt with in a formal process. You should be able to see the Council in question’s complaints process on their website. Generally, they will have a 2 stage process and if you remain dissatisfied with how your complaint has been handled, you will probably be able to take it to the Local Government Ombudsman. It would be best to set out what steps you expect them to take to provide a remedy in your complaint. Sorry if I’m telling you what you already know...

  • Don't forget I know what it looks like without paint 😂😂😂

  • You wanna paint it again? Keep it in the family ;)

  • Wouldn't be me, but one the chap who paints the isens now would probs be down...

  • Down. Sick candy fadez?

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  • Would you repaint the crashed frame tough? I'd just ride as it is

  • If it was crashed crashed no. There are more scratches and chips to the paint than are in that photo. Small scratches the whole length of the downtube, it’s my pride and joy and as long as it’s safe to ride, I plan on keeping this frame for many years. It’s absolutely the best frame I’ve ever ridden and it was my “nice” bike. I’d like it to not be tatty

  • Colour in with Sharpie

  • I’m doing what is said can never be done.
    I’m combining bikes.
    I only really ride my arkose these days because comfort and mudguards. Therefore the caad isn’t getting ridden. Despite it being the absolute fastest feeling/riding frame I’ve ever owned. Every bit of power connects straight to the wheels. It’s proper stiff and fairly light.
    Anyways the frameset will be for sale. Ad to be posted in the near future.

    Collecting the new frame today and I will build with a combination of parts from the caad and the arkose before selling that too and having a fast, road geo bike with room for big squishies

  • This is JB circa 2012, Dick circa 2015.

    Its the weather.

    Once its summer you'd want a fast bike.

    Have better confusions.

  • You’re wrong. JB rides his talbot all weathers.

    Dick is an exception to every rule so can’t be used as an example.

    Plus, this will be a fast bike

  • Next @amey will be saying you don’t need disc brakes...

  • I agree with @amey - altho it will be lovely it is still a compromise from a fast bike. Keep the CAAD!

    Unless the CAAD is a 52cm in which case let's talk price

  • The ultimate solution to this was coined by Margaret Thatcher IMO.

    Upward social mobility and home ownership so there is no upper limit on bikes.

  • Maggie would've been a top influencer today.

  • Right.
    Well I’m not a homeowner and I’m not getting rid of bikes to make space. I enjoy riding both bikes but don’t ride one and ride the other wishing it was more like the one I don’t ride. So I’m combining.
    853, enve fork, CK, hed Ardennes, sram red

  • Gonna be sick

  • don’t ride one and ride the other

    because its winter

  • The temperature makes what difference?
    If I only rode it when it was raining then it’d be a fair point.
    This won’t be a winter bike. It’s a summer bike with wider chain stays and mudguards.
    In fact it doesn’t even have guard mounts at the moment so it’s definitely not a winter bike

  • No wokkas mate

  • What will the new quiver-killer frame be?

  • Just seen him walk out of Halfords with a big Apollo box

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The Klein CAAD12

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