The Klein CAAD12

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  • I was going to bundle this in with my Make America Great Again thread but I think it probably needs its own.
    Picked up the Project 76 CAAD12 from @Dammit yesterday.

    Spec so far:

    F&F: Cannondale CAAD12 Disc 56cm
    Wheels: HED Ardennes Plus GP
    Rotors: Shimano RT81 160/140
    Stem: Zipp Service Course SL 120mm
    Seatpost: Cannondale Save
    Shift Set: Red 22
    Brakes: TRP Spyre
    Bar Tape:
    Bottle Cages:

    Hopefully this thread will help me fill in some of the blanks. Any advice Re: disc brakes welcome and suggestions for finishing kit. Hit me up if you have anything suitable for sells

  • Sick paint...

  • Are you set on mechanical discs?

  • First problem is that the wheels are new but were removed from a new Cervelo which took thru axle.
    The wheels themselves didn't come with the axles nor the QR end caps/adapters. I ordered from HED UK who later emailed me saying they didn't actually have any until end of september and that it was basically my fault for buying the wheels in the first place as they didn't offer them for sale in the UK. So I cancelled the order and now I've got a new HED wheelset for decoration.
    So I need a solution for this or someone who's travelling from the US to the UK soon to help me out since shipping for the 60 quid part is 60 quid again where I've seen online!

  • I've got the shifters and the calipers already so yes I think

  • Cable are fine if you set them up well, bit ball ache-y if internally routed, get the best compassionless outer you can afford. I also squeeze a good amount of silicone grease in mine. Cut and file the outers so they sit flush and dont interfere with the cable. Avoid weird angles, lengths are important, if you know your fit cut them accordingly in the front considering spacers, stem angle etc.

  • if you know your fit

    This will be the annoying part, currently has the fat 30mm conical spacer on there which I think I'll use to start with and then drop it down when I find a smaller one in the right diameter.
    I think the 120mm stem will be right though, gives me about the same reach as my current bike which I find very comfortable

  • stack and reach comparison with the current bike(s)? Easy to measure if you dont find a chart.

  • No idea, current bike is a prototype so no chart. Do I need plumb lines and rulers and things?

  • Wheels are:

  • I'm heading to the US tomorrow for 10 days. Can receive shipment at my office and bring bacl to London for you.

  • You champ!
    I'll PM you shortly

  • bring me enve

  • You already have to much envy


    Tells you all the measurements you need to take and spits out very accurate geometry

  • I've got the shifters and the calipers already so yes I think

    As much as I think hydraulics on road bikes is the sledgehammer to the nut, I'd give yourself an easy life and go hydro because cable disc + internal routing is not fun.

  • cable disc + internal routing is not fun

    I'm a Masochist so sticking with cables for the foreseeable

  • I have this and am underwhelmed every day I ride the bike.

  • There is a safe refuge for 'people who went disc too early and found them underwhelming'

  • Is that in your cellar?

  • Guys pls. First disc brake bike, its gonna be better than my genesis with tektro long drops regardless. I don't care about mountain pass descending and doing endos outside the coffee shop in full rapha. Cables are gonna be fine, thx

  • 'Hello my name is John and I early adopted disc brakes'
    'Hello John'
    'I was convinced that stopping was more important than going forward on the bike, it was October all my mates were in Majorca and I was stuck indoor because of the rain, my credit card was handy ..'
    'collective gasp'

    continues in next episode

  • its gonna be better than my genesis with tektro long drops regardless.

    Wouldn't be so sure of that. I run TRP Spyres with 6700 internally routed on my Bowman. It's got compressionless housing etc etc and been looked at by many separate mechanics, has swisstop sintered pads, Icetech rotors etc but it doesn't stop anywhere near as well as my 5700 rim braked planet x. Spend some money, go hydro, do it properly unlike me.

  • I fucking love brake chat ..

    So far I have had
    Long drop
    Loooooooong drop
    Brazed on centre-pulls (review pending)
    Direct mount DA9000
    Shimano Hydro
    The best so far on a road bike; R8000 (possibly R9100 but cant be arsed to change)

    Only one remaining now; Sram Hydro.

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The Klein CAAD12

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