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  • I took it on a few sunday rides last year and it rides really well but it would be an utter exaggeration to say that I did it justice. I’m afraid it suffers the fate of a collectors bike now.

    @Dcls no cp thread for this one cause all I did was some frame treatment and some minor changes such as the bartape. Here’s a pic:

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  • Oh My... A Campa Record disco Serotta !!

    From 92 or 93 ?

  • Ah. So. Nice. That colourway just pops!

  • Good question, is there a way to find out? I really love the paint job, you can‘t see it in the photos but it‘s not just fluo but also sparkly and the ‘decals‘ are actually painted on and also sparkly (the particles are probably in the clear coat). I‘m glad I got the opportunity to buy it from @Thrust who since found another serotta that fits him, so it‘s a happy end for everyone :)

  • 91 vs. 92 or 93 vs. 94 is 'easy' to différentate as a groupset (92 is the year when the brifters showed up and 94 is the year when the Deltas were replaced) but 92 vs. 93 was not, at least to me, so I checked.

    There's apparently a small but easy-to-spot difference (among many others I'm sure): The brake levers in 93 were striped while in 92 they were slick.

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  • The Brake levers are the first gen ergos distinguishable by their 'triangular' lever ends at the bottom. Do you mean there was a 'stripe-engraved' version of the 'triangle' levers, too? The one on the Serotta are smooth.

  • Do you mean there was a 'stripe-engraved' version of the 'triangle' levers, too?

    No :) I meant:

    • smooth and, as you mention, with a 'triangle' => 92
    • 'stripe-engraved' => 93
  • Should be ’92 then, colour scheme can be found in the ’92 catalogue albeit on a different model

  • to buy it from @Thrust

    Went to a good home I reckon. It's not a bike you beat on really is it? ;)

    The one I got is an older vintage from 1990. But it has the internally routed cable on the TT which was a special thing back then. It also doesn't have the S stamped BB cluster that yours have. Mine is brazed, same tubing though.

  • I bought a snazzy fluo Serotta once, replete with dual spok.

    Then realised it was 650c. 🤦♂️

    Made my money back but disappointing.

  • I would have been happy and kept it ;)

    But I guess it was too small.

  • I think I ended up selling the frame for 120 quid or something and it took ages so felt like it was the runt of the litter or something but I guess in my mind Tri frames are/were their own little niche so hadn't thought much about building it up myself but yeah, now you mention it maybe I should have as it's essentially the right size!

  • That would be a nice match, fortunately it‘s too large and too pricy which is convenient since I need another bike like a hole in the head...

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Cyfac Piste Max

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