• Ensuring bus routes connect with CrossRail/Elizabeth Line


    Parochially; West London


    Micro-parochially; Ruislip to Heathrow


    Specifically new route 278.

    pre-Sadiq Khan, it was a perennial source of annoyance to me that, to travel to Heathrow, by public trnasport, I had either the option of a circuitous Tube trip, on the Piccadilly Line, or two busses, one from Ruislip to the TfL designated transport hub of Uxbridge, then be charged again for the 'Express' bus to the T1/2/3 bus terminal. Inhabitants of Harrow, (further from Heathrow), had the historic 140 service, meaning just the one charge on their Oystercard. Written complaints to TfL were asnwered, but but only with handwringing claims that 'the system' was 'the system'.
    With the new era Khan 'bus 'ticket' is time-based' this particular problem is solved,
    TfL have correctly identified the potential demand for a north-south route through the London Borough of Hillingdon, linking the main transport hub in the north of the borough, along the main route across the Chiltern Line and the A40, connectinf with CrossRail, (at Hayes & Harlington), and the Heathrow bus terminal.

    Please check to see if your local routes will be enhanced with a connection to CrossRail.

  • Just completed my submission,
    received the email confirmation, with the link to the pdf of my submission.

  • It's unbelievable that south west trains is not connected to Heathrow it basically passes the front door.
    It would relive a lot of pressure on the narrow struggling Piccadilly line.

  • Yep,
    there is clearly an old railway (freight?) line running through Poyle,
    which I guess must have linked in at Staines?

    Still there is the (expensive) Heathrow Express,
    the barely known Heathrow Connect, (which is replaced by CrossRail) from Paddington.


  • Over the years the poyle line has been mooted as a connection to reading and the West.
    There has also been plans for a connection to staines called the airtrack. Unfortunately that was shelved because of all the level crossing around various areas which would remain lowered for longer.
    The latest idea is a spur line from feltham towards Hatton cross and new station for bedfont.

  • There's is already a spare platform at terminal 5 ready for a new line.
    If the new runway is built and that looks very likely now, the next stage will be improvements to train connection and hopefully cycling too Appears that a lot of car parking surrounding Heathrow that is used by staff will be lost too.

  • Boris island is not going to happen this century btw

  • I remember reading about the Airtrack proposal.
    I don't know the Staines area well enough,
    when out bikesploring with a younger mespilus jr. we found another long abandoned railway line just east of the M25, that is now a linear nature reserve,
    riding in along the (old) London Road from the A308 towards the pedestrian zone,
    I'm certain we cycled under an old railway bridge, that forms the western boundary of the 'new' courtyard shopping centre.
    Always wondered why that could not be used to get a railway line over the A308, then run parallel to Stanwell Moor Road to Heathrow.

  • https://youtu.be/uDP4Um4Nb7A

    It's the old staines and west Drayton line. Unfortunately it's closed due to gang violence between the West Drayton massive and the east staines upon Thames massive.
    There is still a bit that goes straight through the m25/m4 junction ablietly single track but I'm sure it's been kept for a Heathrow connection at some point in the future. You can see it on Google earth.

  • West Drayton massive and the east staines upon Thames massive.

    Ali G reference, (albeit with the more recent 'upon Thames' you've added)?

  • Vicarious association,
    one Ali G episode invoked his mate who overslept his job as a driver on the Ruislip to Staines bus route.

  • In an another he tried to get the now president to invest in his ice cream glove idea..... legend.

  • Bump.
    Just a week remaining to dis/approve of TfL's proposed bus route changes.

  • Bump for Monday evening.

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TfL CrossRail connections to Bus routes. Reply by 2017 09 17

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