Benotto 1968 restoratio

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  • Had this bike for 7 years now, and its always been there for me.
    So time to give it the love it deserves.

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  • Sandblasted and cleaned up

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  • Are you 100% sure front fork is straight and the frame didn't suffer from direct front hit?

  • Yep, Its all straight. Why you ask?

  • fork looks bent, like its been in a head on collision, check the headtube-downtube and headtube-toptube joints for rippling in the steel. could be a major issue

  • Nope. All straight, all good!

  • I'm guessing since he's been riding it for 7 years the chap would know whether its been crashed. What colour are you restoring it too? My vote is for the classic Benotto champagne with blue decals, such lovely looking bikes. Miss my Pista.

  • I decided to go with pearl blue color. Already painted it, and will update soon.

  • What makes you think the frame is from '68? It looks like an 80s frame to me with the brazed on (and filed off) brake cable guides on the TT, the attachments for two bidon holders and the 80s paint style as opposed to the traditional champagne colour seen on many older models.

  • I checked the number that is on the BB tube.

  • Pretty sure it's an 80's modelo 800 made in mexico (mudguard eyelets, no chromed chainstays, white/blue paint scheme). Good luck with the resto!

  • My Benotto was a Mexican Italian, Pista Modelo 1700. After buying it I researched it and found loads of horror stories about a fault in the seattube above the BB during to too much heat in the building. However rode it until killing it by crashing it without the seattube exploding. I will own a champagne Benotto again, preferably a Modelo 2700 Pista.

  • You might be right as i brought it from Canada. Could also be a late 78.
    Now i got it painted and this is the update so far

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  • I remember your project. Too bad it chrashed.
    Did you find a good source for identifying and dating Benottos?
    Mine don't have a frame number and lacks the heart cut out under the bb, so I guess pre Mexico, but I have no way to back that up.

  • Finished product

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Benotto 1968 restoratio

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