Dicta Freewheel in return for using your vice?

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  • Hi all

    I'm having a bit of trouble removing a Dicta SS Freewheel from a recently purchased wheel. Can't get it to budge with the removal tool/wrench combo so think I need to use a vice to grip the tool...

    Is there anyone London based that would let me use their vice for a few attempts? NW/central is better for me, but beggars can't be choosers! You're welcome to keep the Freewheel in return, or I can bring a beer!

    Cheers for any offers.

  • Still stuck I'm afraid... So still looking for a friendly vice-owner!

  • I presume you're using one of the track nuts to hold the removal tool to the wheel which is still encumbered with inflated tyre, then using a 12 inch adjustable (or equivalent) and pushing it down with your foot (on which you have a shoe)? Whilst holding the wheel with your hands, maybe with a wall stopping it moving forward?

    If that doesn't work then you need a serious bench vice connected to a serious bench.

  • MiCycle N1 has a nice bench with a nice vice on it... give em £15 or so and they'll let you use the workshop for a year.

  • @cip1000 yep, that's about right...

    @Howard you might be right. Was trying to avoid it as I'm unlikely to use again, but might just bite the bullet...

    Thanks both.

  • If you can't find a vice, and you have a nice portable angle grinder with a few batteries, you could take everything to one of those old unused rusting metal ships moored alongside the smelly river, cut the correct width slot in the hull and use it to hold the freewheel tool whilst you turn the wheel.

  • A for effort.

  • That's some far out thinking! Bet your creative writing at school was amazing.

  • Now I need to start a new wanted thread for a battery-powered angle grinder! :)

  • Random tit bit here - I know most, if not all Timpson shops will have a vice in them.
    So long as there is clearance or they are able to shift the key machines across a little, I'm sure that they will help out.
    Generally helpful with random little things like this. Might cost you all of a pound in the charity box.

  • May I ask how you have tried so far?

    Screw on freewheels are tight buggers every time but I've always managed to get them off. Either with or without the tool. Always easier with a tool of course.

  • What cip 1000 advised, though not with much shoe action yet. An in the middle of spraying penetrating oil in there too..

  • Using your foot has the advantage that you can hold the wheel with two hands and apply a lot more force. It doesn't look very elegant, so maybe best not done in public.

  • Ok I'll give a list of what I do. Yet to be stuck on one of these.

    Find a wall or door frame and sit the wheel up against the wall (as in the pic, ignore its a front wheel obvs) best to have a tyre on and not fully inflated. This gives you grip on the wall and the floor. With the freewheel on you right hand side, have the spanner at about 10 o'clock and push down. Can use your foot as mentioned.

    The wall will stop the wheel slipping and you can get loads of torque in there. When you push down you'll likely exclaim, "Jesus that's tight" or something similar out of no where. 9 times out of 10 though it will come in done.

    If it doesn't, some sharp taps on the face of the freewheel with a hammer or something solid, and penetrating oil and give it another go.

    If it's still not gone, get a breaker bar on it.

    And lastly, this always gets it, hammer taps on the end of the spanner or bar. A good sharp wallop will free it off. Usually need a few goes at this but I've never needed to try anything else.

    With all these it's best to have it jammed up against a wall.

    A vice, as you have requested always works too.

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  • Excellent

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  • I usually use this for tricky/tight freewheels. Easier than the vice a lot of the time.

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  • Hey man if yr still stuck pop it round to me E8 just pm for details no charge

  • If you can, get a Park remover and a Park FRW1 handle. If not, a good quality remover and (adjustable) wrench.

    Hold the remover on with a nut, get the tyre well inflated, put the spanner/handle on the remover nice and tight.

    Everything needs to be pretty smug on each other.

    Now set the wheel up so non drive side is toward you and kneel down. Looking through the wheel, the spanner/handle should be about 3 o clock. Lean over the wheel and grab the tyre with your left hand around 9 o'clock and take the spanner/handle in your right hand. Lift the whole assembly up and bang it back down on the floor. You may need to do this a few times but it will shift. I've used this to shift freewheels that have resisted everything from heat to vices to pneumatic impact guns.

  • .

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  • This power move needs a name

  • Got the b*stard.

    I guess now we need to take bets on whose method was successful? :)

    But seriously, thanks to everyone who offered up helpful advice (and @littleK for the vice offer- really appreciated!).

    Obviously if anyone wants the Freewheel, they're welcome to it.

  • Think you should keep it as a reminder of how you beat it kind of spider story , remember to grease the new one ..

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Dicta Freewheel in return for using your vice?

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